Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) what is it, What is it used for and how you can get access to a free RDP server [2021 Updated]

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) what is it, What is it used for and how you can get access to a free RDP server [2021 Updated]

 Here i will give answer to some of the most common questions related to RDP server like 

  • What is RDP?
  • What is RDP used for?
  • How much RDP costs?
  • Is RDP only for Windows?
  • Is using a RDP dangerous?
  • How you can get access to a RDP server for free in 2021


This post will cover answers to all the major questions and at last as listed above i will tell you how you can get a premium RDP server for free, by the way i already posted content for free RDP server here , you can it too after this post. So lets begin.

What is RDP server? 

A RDP server stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, it is one of the protocol among the other on web which helps you to connect to a remote desktop or any other computer of any specification just by some valid credentials which are IP, Username and Password to the connection or other desktop computer. This protocol is issued by Microsoft and you can connect to a RDP server of anywhere in the world. 

Consider you are siting in India and wants a PC with higher specifications but can't afford it but still you want for your work, so now what to do? Microsoft provides the cheapest solution to this problem, you can simply buy a cheap RDP server from any vendor on the web like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services(AWS) of your desired specification say 32 GB RAM and 1 TB storage so you can use this server from USA or any other country sitting in your country.

What is RDP used for?

There are many uses of a Remote Desktop or RDP, most of the developers uses it for hosting their services like website, bots etc as it is a fast and reliable way to host a website on blog and access anywhere in the world, many people uses it for gaming as all don't have a high end gaming PC but still want to play high end games, so the cheapest way is to get a RDP server for this purpose. Many people uses it for learning new things like cloud computing and to do experiments which can't be performed in their primary computer or PC.

How much RDP costs? 

The answer to this question varies from sellers to sellers, i mean RDP sellers and also to the period till you want a RDP server like whether you want it for a month or for year and lastly it depend upon the specification of the RDP server you want to buy. There are many RDP servers providers in the market who can provide you with RDP like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and many more but all cannot afford RDP servers at high prices. There are also many providers in market or on the web who provide free access to the RDP server but they are time limited generally an hour maximum a day. But at the end of this post i will tell you a method to gain access to a RDP server for free with admin access.

Is RDP only for Windows?

No, RDP server is not only for Windows, you can get access to to a remote desktop of any OS like Linux and also like windows you can get nay level of specification for them too. Android do have servers or you can also use a emulator to experience android and the same is with IOS.

Is using a RDP dangerous?

Buying and using a RDP server is not dangerous, even big names on web like Google, Microsoft and Amazon provide services for the RDP server but using RDP server for the wrong purpose like gaing access to others social media accounts and computer through RDP server is not good and illegal and it can be very dangerous. on the other hand if we use it for fair purposes like cloud gaming, developing etc. is fine and obviously not dangerous.

How you can get access to a RDP server for free in 2021

There are many methods to get a RDP server but are paid and when to start with i always consider using a free method to get a experience and then you can buy a one for yourself. So many people also get a free RDP server by microsoft azure using a edu mail account. Educational email gives students access to $100 credits of azure to use. You can read this post if you want to know that method, or you can visit the link below and have a experience of a free RDP servrer.


So in this post you would have got to know everything about Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP as in this blogpost I explained in very detail that What is RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol? about 
What is RDP used for? about  if RDP is only for Windows? and at last I explained step by step that 
How you can get access to a RDP server?

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