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This post will tell you the best possible solution to the problem of your virtual phone number. Get Virtual Number in 2021

Here i will tell you how to get a free virtual number which you can use online and your privacy is protected.

How can i get a free virtual phone number in 2021 (Updated)

There are  many websites online which claim to provide a free virtual number without any hidden cost but let me tell you no one give you any service for free. They might be earning through your data which is compromised on web as many people who don't have much knowledge about the web. They uses many different methods to earn from the service they provide whether their service is legitimate or not.

This post will tell you the best possible solution to the problem of your virtual phone number. This post will tell you how can you get rid of unwanted advertising messages which comes when you provide your real phone number to the websites demanding same on the web.

Through this free virtual number you can make calls as well as send SMS without having your privacy compromised online on the web. Service i am talking about is Text now a free as well as paid virtual number provider. 

Follow the steps below:

1. Head over to TextNow Official Website, a online SMS and calling service.
2. Register by making a account there using your Gmail.
3. Now sign in to your account for verification.
4. Now enter a area code, and choose the phone number which best suits your need from the list of numbers.
5. Boom! and you are ready to go.


So in this blogpost I explained you in detail Comparison between the Free and Paid Service of Virtual numbers. By this this blogspot you will be able to find out which one either free or paid which Virtual Number is Safe and Good for you to use online to be safe and protected online. Also if you want more detailed analysis bout virtual number you can read this article on this blog.   

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