What is virtual number, why i need a free virtual number and method to get a free virtual number in 2021

What is virtual number, why i need a free virtual number and method to get a free virtual number in 2021.Grab a free virtual number now.

 Here i will tell you how important a virtual number is in today's online world. We will discuss different aspects of virtual number in this post so read it full. It will help you and increase your knowledge definitely.

Free Virtual Number 2021

What is virtual number?

Virtual number is a phone number which one can use to carry out all the experiments which can be performed by the phone number he is using. Actually a virtual number is helpful in many ways online from been protected from spam to having a second number which we will discuss below. Main purpose of a virtual phone number is same as the real phone number that is to make and receive calls and messages worldwide. Virtual number is more popular than the typical real one.

 Why one needs a virtual number?

This question is matter of concern because when it comes to privacy one must be concerned. A virtual number is very helpful when we need to login to different websites which demand our phone numbers but we are confused whether to provide the same or not?, Is that website legitimate or not?, cant we proceed without providing the phone number? These questions must arise in ones mind while using our real phone number on the web. 

 Below is answer to all your questions. 

Why websites demand phone numbers?

Many websites on the web do not operate forward without dumping your phone numbers in their database. While many websites use these for the security of users by providing them features like 2-step verification and many more so that their privacy should not be compromised on the other hand, many use them for their own advantage in many ways or for advertising or user's data is sold simply for monetary gain.
Therefore one himself is responsible for his privacy. I hope you would have got answer to all your questions.

How can i get a free virtual phone number in 2021 (Latest - Updated)

Now as we know that what role a virtual number plays online so one must have a free virtual number or a paid one. Here i will tell you how to get a virtual number which you can use anywhere for otp verification.

Follow the steps below:

1. Head over to the pinger official website.
2. Register by making a account there using your gmail.
3. Now sign in to your account for verification.
4. Now enter a area code, and choose the phone number which best suits your need from the list of numbers.
5. Boom! and you are ready to go.


So this blog post is all about What is a Virtual Number? I explained everything inn detail that Why one needs a Virtual number and also i explained in this post in detail that How to a get a Virtual Number. Many Websites demands Virtual Numbers, using your real number in some not secure website may cause so much problems so its recommended to use a secondary phone number that is a virtual number to be protected from any type of online frauds.

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