Grab your free .com, .in, .net and all TLD domain name | Free & Cheapest 2021

Grab your free .com, .in, .net and all TLD domain name | Free & Cheapest domain name for 1 year 2021Free TLD domain, limited time offer, grab fast.

Here i will tell you what is TLD domain, why it is important for your business and at last i will share a method to get your own top level domain like .in, .com, .net and many more for free.

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 What is a TLD domain?

A TLD domain or Top Level Domain is anything which is at end of your website. It can be anything like .com, .net, .xyz and so on. A domain defines your business in simple but powerful way. Tt leaves a great impact on your readers or customers in their mind about your business. Every big websites end with a TLD domain such as, here our blog ends with a TLD domain that is .in. There are many different domain name providers on web but at the end of this post i will share a free domain name method which toy can use in 2021 and many other are using the same.

Importance of a domain in a business

As mentioned above that a domain plays a vital role in defining what your website, blog or business is about, but how? Lets find. Consider, here .in also tells that this website operates from India but its not necessary as a person outside India can also buy a .in domain for his website to grow online. Now consider '', this domain now tells that it might be related to something techie such as it might be providing tech news or something like this. And lastly it helps to build your brand on the web.

  • So firstly a domain tells from where the website is?
  • Secondly it tells about what the website , blog or business is?
  • Lastly it helps to build our brand.

How can i get a TLD domain for free?

Now as you know the importance of TLD domain,  you must be wondering that TLD domains might be expensive but let me tell you that there are many TLD domain providers like GoDaddy, Hostinger, Sitegrounnd and so on, no doubt that not all can afford these expensive domains to start learning but there are also many free domain name providers who provide Top Level Domain for free for sometime. And in this post i will tell you one of such service. Just follow the steps listed below.

 Follow the steps below:

1. Head over to the Ixdomains official Website.
2. Register by making a account there using your gmail.
3. Now sign in to your account.
4. Search for your Domain name
5. Boom! and you are ready to go, just checkout.


So this blogpost is all about TLD Domains or Top Level Domains which are .com, .in, .net, .io etc. Also there are many other services online which provide cheap domain name and hosting solutions and are reliable. You can explore more and more to find out about Cheap Domain Name and Hosting Providers on the web. Also if you want to know about one of such Domain name and Hosting provide which is reliable and thrusted then you can read this article.

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