7 Best Ways to Make Millions Online by Coding. Earn Easy Money in Lockdown

7 Best Ways to Make Millions Online by Coding. How to Make Money by Online Coding in 2021? Earn Easy Money in Lockdown

How to Make Money Online by Coding? It is the common question of a programmer or someone who possesses a coding skill in either one programming language, two programming languages, or many languages.

So today, I will tell you guys the 7 Best Ways to Earn Money by Coding in 2021 or How to Make Money online by coding or programming in 2021. It will not be wrong to say that today we will be discussing How to Earn Money Online by Coding in Lockdown in COVID-19 in 2021 without investing, or you would have to fund something that is the time which I think we all have in this COVID-19 lockdown situation.

7 Best Ways to Make Millions Online by Coding

So what you are waiting for just mine diamonds by scrolling down and keep reading to make yourself satisfied. 7 Best Ways to Make Millions Online by Coding

Here's what we will be discussing under the topic 7 Best Ways to Earn Money Online by Coding in 2021.

Okay, so let's talk about these points under 7 Best Ways to Earn Money Online by Coding in 2021 one by one, so keep reading, and you will get something special.

1. The YouTube Channel Strategy 

Creating a YouTube channel is the most common strategy with which many of us start our journey with, and I hope many of you might be running a successful YouTube channel. But the question is How to Make Money Online by Coding by YouTube channel. The most common and basic way to Earn Money on YouTube by coding is that you can start a YouTube channel and start teaching the skill you have means that if you know, Python starts teaching it to the audience or if you know GitHub start teaching it to the audience. You might be thinking that many other successful Programming YouTube channels teach excellent programming or coding, so if you create another one, what will be the benefit of that YouTube channel. So let me clear your doubt; yes, I acknowledge that there are many fantastic YouTube channels in this particular niche i.e. Programming or coding. Still, they all are not perfect. I mean to say that there might be some loophole in that channel, either in their teaching method or the resources they give. So targeting those loopholes and fixing them in your YouTube channel can prove an advantage over all the other channels on YouTube.

You can start teaching coding or programming on your YouTube Channel today. It will be a great start if you start with good editing, thumbnails, and other required elements. Also, if you don't know How to Create YouTube Thumbnails or How to Edit YouTube Video then don't worry; you can check out this profile on Fiverr who creates stunning and impressive YouTube Thumbnails at the lowest cost; you should take this advantage and start your YouTube channel to teach coding or programming today and start earning Money online by coding or programming in 2021.

2. The Blogging Strategy

Moving on to the next point on 7 Best Ways to Earn Money Online by coding in 2021 is to start a blog. Yes, if you know how to code or make programs or even if you know any skill, you can show it online to your audience. But again, the question is How to Earn Money Online by Coding by a blog or a website? Let me clear you this doubt too. You can start a blog that teaches coding or programming quickly and simply. Even if you know only one language, you can monetize your skill of coding by blogging. You can start for free, and then when your skill is monetized, you can invest in that blog or website. The website can either on a blogger, i.e., a free blogpost.com domain, or a paid one with WordPress. You can check out this article to help you know the best and the cheapest website and domain name service online if you want to invest in your blog or website in early or later days.

Now, as you have created a blog or website, you can start spreading knowledge. When your blog or website grows, when you start getting enough traffic, you can apply for adsence, an ad network provider by Google that will help you generate colossal potential and passive income.

Secondly, when your blog or website is in a good position, you can start selling your programming courses at any price you want as you have a good reputation online, and people will buy your classes, and in return, you will get paid for your coding skills.

3. The freelancing Strategy

Another work you can do online under How to Make Money Online by Programming or Coding in 2021 is that you can start working as a freelancer. Like YouTubers on YouTube, freelancers are too doing a great job on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, legit and earning colossal revenue. You have a skill, now is the time to monetize that skill on a freelancing platform that will make you rich. You can work on different freelancing platforms told above; even there are many more on the web, you can check them out on Google. Many people need someone who can make software for them that is the custom software for their organizations or companies. Still, the problem is that all don't know how to code software so that you can approach them, or you can simply post your gig on their freelancing platforms, and if the customer finds it impressive, they will place an order. If you complete their order satisfactorily, you will be paid for your work; that is, you will be paid for your coding skills or programming skills, which finishes our third way to Earn Money online by coding.

4. Help local stores or businesses near you

Forth point of How to Make Money Online by Coding is by helping the local stores or small businesses offline, not online, but you can also do online. So what kind of work can you do offline for small businesses or stores?

Let me answer this question: How Can We Earn Money by Helping Local Stores or Bussiness by Coding and Earn Money?

Suppose you know how cool and retina-ready websites are deigned websites are designed. In that case, you can approach a small business or brand and tell them that you can make an excellent retina-ready website for their business or brand. If they already have a website, then you can convince them that you can redesign their website and make an amazingly cool looking everything ready website for their business and if your is strong enough to convince them and do the job according to their need that is if that specific brand is impressed by your task then you will be paid online for coding or programming which is the best method to earn Money. And suppose you don't have enough skills to design a good website. In that case, you can use many ready-to-publish templates online by editing them according to the business needs, which is the best and the easiest  way to Earn Money online by coding or, more specifically, I should say that it is the best and the easiest way to Earn Money online by programming. This ends up the fourth point of How to Earn Money Online by Coding or How to Make Money Online by Coding and brings to our next point that is point number five, which we will be discussing now; if you are enjoying reading, then make sure to drop a comment for motivation and also check out other articles on this blog.

5. The Teaching Strategy

As told above, how you can earn the Money online by teaching coding or programming will expand this more, which will open more ways to Earn Money online by teaching coding or programming.

So earlier, I told you guys that you could teach coding on a YouTube channel, blog, or website, but now I will tell you that how you can use other well-established, more prominent platforms to start teaching coding and earn Money. You might have heard about many websites where you can take a course and publish it online on those websites; of course, not for free, you can keep the pricing according to you. Okay, I think I should explain to you by giving you an example, you know Python, and now you want to monetize this skill; after reading this post, you found a good website where you can make an account and publish your course Basis of Python at $10. So when a customer who requires that course is looking for a similar course about the Basis of Python, he will find your course, and if he is impressed, he will buy it at $10, and hence you are paid. Now think of tens, hundreds, or thousands of people who will accept you. The Basis of Python each at $10 than what will be your revenue, and again you are paid for your Coding or programming skills.

6. The Coding Competitions Strategy

The sixth point of How to Make Money Online by Coding is by participating in various coding or programming competitions online, which will give you a wholesome amount of Money. But the question is How to Earn Money Online by Coding Competitions. So I am here to answer this question that How to Earn Money Online by Coding Competitions. There are many websites online that organize coding or programming competitions. If you are capable enough to tackle that competition, they can give you a tremendous amount of Money by coding. You can also join many communities online on discord or any other social media platforms which organize huge coding competition and events that have a massive prize pool.

7. The Start-up Strategy

So last but not least, the final point of How to Make Money Online by Coding or Programming is that you can create a start-up company that can satisfy the general public's need. For example, you can create software or an app for a specific task that can help people with their work or can reduce their burden. Suppose your product is capable enough to satisfy the need of the general public. In that case, you are done now you have one more source of passive income, which will keep on growing if you keep working hard and well, thus finishing all seven points of How to Make Money Online by Coding in 2021.


So in this post, I told you How to Earn Money Online by Coding. We discussed the Top 7 Ways to Earn Money Online by Coding, which definitely would have helped you.Remember that if you have a skill, it can be monetized. Earning online will take time, but once you started making online, you will never look back as there is a high potential in earning Money online.

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