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Upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 | All you Need to Know about Windows 11

So hey buddies, today I will tell you about Windows 11, All about Microsoft Windows 11 that what's all-new in Microsoft windows 11, When will Microsoft Windows 11 will release officially and if it is not released till now so How some people are already using Microsoft Windows 11.

I will be talking about all the good and bad features of windows 11 and you will get to know about is windows 11 worth using in our day to day life or Was Microsoft Windows 11 was better than windows 11.

All you Need to Know about Microsoft All New Windows 11
All you Need to Know about Microsoft All New Windows 11

You will get to know many such interesting facts about Microsoft New Windows 11 so keep reading. Also if you already have Windows 10 or any other windows you can check out this article where you will get to know about How to Customize your Windows Laptop or PC easily and give it a modern and minimal look.

So in short today I will tell you the following points which are in the table of content so keep reading.

So let's begin discussing the above points in detail one by one.

What is Windows 11?

Just as Microsoft released Windows 10 on 29 July 2015, now Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told in an event that he is very excited to show us the all-new generation of the window that is Windows 11. Windows 11 is the New Generation of Windows from Microsoft which will come with many new features and also different features which were not introduced earlier in Windows 10 back in 2015.

Windows 11 install Windows 11 Desktop 1 Windows 11 Desktop 2
Windows 11 Desktop 4
Windows 11 install Windows 11 Desktop 1 Windows 11 Desktop 2 Windows 11 Desktop 3 Windows 11 Desktop 4

Although Microsoft kept giving regular updates for windows 10 which improved its functionality some features were kept for windows 11, we will be talking about more windows 11 features in detail further in this post so keep reading. Also, Microsoft officially announced that they will stop windows 10 support soon in 2025 which is not so far away. This means that Windows 10 users will stop receiving updates from Microsoft officially and will have to upgrade to windows 11.

Is Windows 11 released officially?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Officially said in an event that all about the new generation of windows that is windows 11 will be told in an event which is going to be held on 24th June 2021 which is very near. Microsoft will officially declare all new features that will come with windows 11 at that great event.

Many windows users are excited to know more about Windows 11 features which will be announced in that great event by Microsoft on 24th June 2021.

No Windows 11 Operating System is not Officially released by Microsoft but will announce all major features and changes in that great event on 24th June 2021. But still, you might have seen the people on YouTube or maybe your friends using windows 11, so you might be confused that if Windows 11 is not officially released by Microsoft then how these people are using Windows 11. Let me clear your this doubt related to Windows 11 that how people on the internet are using Windows 11 before the official release. Windows 11 got leaked before its official release around a week ago before the Microsoft event scheduled for 24th June 2021.

What's new in Windows 11?

There are major changes in Windows 11 after a long time by Microsoft. Although Microsoft kept giving regular updates in windows 10 there are major and big updates in windows 11 which I will tell you in detail in this post.

Some of the major changes and updates of Windows 11 Microsoft are listed below.

  • The All-new UI which is the best feature of Windows 11
Upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11
Windows 11 Start Menu

  • New kind of start bar with rounded corners
  • Rounded corners for all applications by default which give a minimal look to your desktop
  • The shadow effect behind every application by default which is very much similar to Mac OS
  • More advanced Virtual Desktop Options which is the upgraded version of virtual desktop in Windows 10.
upgrade to windows 11 2021
Windows 11 Search Menu

  • Better and advanced action center with rounded corners and smooth animations
  • A better Dark Mode than Windows 10
Windows 11 install 2021
Windows 11 Action

  • New and more minimal icons for all the applications
  • A more advanced file explorer.
how to upgrade to windows 11
Windows 11 File Explore

  • Better task manager with all the applications in the center by default just like mac os.
  • More good transparency effect than Windows 10
  • Widgets for news, weather and similar stuff on task manager.
Windows 11 release date
Windows 11 Task Manager

  • New and improved animations of opening, closing, maximizing, minimizing the windows in Windows 11
  • New startup, error, shutdown and other sounds better and improved than Windows 10.

Is Windows 11 better than Windows 10?

Now as you know what all are new in Windows 11 then you can easily compare Windows 11 with Windows 10 and also definitely you can conclude that Windows 11 will be better than windows 10.

Everything we know about windows 11 is leaked online but no one knows what actually will be in the new generation windows 11. I mean that it can be that all the things that are available online about windows 11 might be half, or not true but it can be that we will get more than expected from Microsoft Windows 11.

Talking about is windows 11 better than Windows 10 or was windows 10 better would not be satisfying for some windows 10 lover so you can yourself compare windows 10 with the all-new Windows 11 once Windows 11 is released officially. Saying anything before trying that thing is not good so we all should wait for the official release of Windows 11 I can challenge that Microsoft will give us more than expected.

How to install Windows 11 on a PC or Laptop?

Now you know that as Windows 11 is not officially released by Microsoft but still many people out of their curiosity are using the new version of windows that is windows 11 which is a leaked version.

  1. To install windows 11 you need to get Windows 11 ISO file and then just mount that ISO file and Windows 11 will start installing on your PC or Laptop without any error easily.
  2. But in my opinion, using a leaked version of windows is not safe at all, you might have seen many YouTubers using windows 11 but the real truth is that they are using it for demonstration or simply for making videos.
  3. One more point to be noted is that they used Windows 11 in a virtual environment like VM Ware or Virtual box, which will protect their primary PC if it is something a bit good in the leaked version of Windows 11. So all we can do is that we can wait for the official release of Windows 11 to explore its new features.


This post was about the new generation of windows that is windows 11. I explained to you in detail that what is Windows 11, is it officially released by Microsoft or not, is it safe to use the leaked version of Windows 11 and many of the frequently asked questions about windows 11 which were unanswered yet.

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