7 Reasons to Start Learning Python Today! | Why to Learn Python in 2021?

Hey buddies, today I will be telling to the Top 7 Reasons to Start Learning Python and Why To Start learning Coding With Python

Hey buddies, today I will be telling to the Top 7 Reasons to Start Learning Python Today, I will tell you guys Why To Start learning Coding With Python and also if you don't know What is Python, I will be explaining to you about What is Python and also if you already know about python and want to learn Python, I will tell you how to learn python from the beginning.

7 Reasons to Start Learning Python Today
7 Reasons to Start Learning Python Today

So, in short, I will tell you the following points about Python which are in the Table of Content.

What is Python Programming Language?

So the first question is What is Python? which is a simple question but for the beginner who doesn't know about programming languages first should know the answer to this simple but important question that What is Python.

By its name 'Python', you might be imagining a dangerously venomous snake Python but it is named after a show by its developer Guido Von Rossum which he loved to watch. So what actually is Python, answer to this question is below just keep reading.

So Python is a simple but more advanced high-level language that can be used for creating Games, GUI Applications, automation of boring stuff, AI, and many different kinds of scripts with just a few and simple lines of code.

7 Reasons to Start Learning Python Today

So in this section of the post, I will tell you guys that what are those reasons forced me and many other developers all around the world to learn and practice python in their scripts and software.

1. Python is Comparatively Easy to Learn

So the first reason to learn Python is just clear as the headline above that is Python is Easy to Learn for Beginners. So to start with python is not difficult as Python is not used user friendly but also developer-friendly and most dominantly Python is beginner-friendly which makes many beginners choose Python when they think of learning something different, something new, they learn Python.

Python is not only good to start but also it is good to keep practicing because python offers many pre-built libraries which makes it very easy for not only just beginner but also for the one who already knows Python but we will discuss this point about Pre Built Libraries in more detail very soon in this post so keep scrolling and keep reading.

2. Python is a Cross-Platform Language

So let's keep Python aside and just think about any other language than Python. In other programming languages, you need to have a different code snippet for the same application developed in that language.

For eg If you want to develop an application in some programming language that should work or run on any platform then you need to write different code based on the architecture and design of that operating system or machine like you cannot run the same code on a different machine that is if you built the code for some application on Windows Operating System then it will not work on another operating system like Mac OS, hope you understood what I am trying to explain.

But Python has an advantage over this drawback that is it is a cross-platform language that can work on any kind of operating system or any kind of machine.

3. Python offers Pre-built Libraries

One of the best advantages of Python is that Python offers many different kinds of pre-built libraries or python offers many pre-built modules for each specific task to perform via python.

Python pre-built libraries can prove a blessing for not just a beginner but also for an intermediate or professional level programmer because these libraries not just helps in making complex task in python easier by a pre-written block of codes but also it saves too much time of a programmer which would be spent in creating these modules from stating specifically for their applications.

4. Python is In-Demand Language

As you know why many developers and beginners use Python for building scripts and different kind of applications so goo should think that if python is mostly used in this development industry then the developers who know python are in great demand which brings us to our next point that Python Language is In-Demand Language.

Many big companies are mostly using python for development purposes and also as python is an emerging language so not everyone knows Python instead they hire Python Programmer or Python expert who is paid in return for developing their applications or for developing their scripts.

So now you might have an idea of the power of Python language and how much is the demand of python in this industry, which is also a great reason to learn python as there are many returns if you learn python and utilizes it for good purposes.

To know more about comparative analysis of demand of different programming languages like Python, Java, Kotlin etc you can read this article.

5. Python has an Active Community

Python not just have an active community of developers but also Python has an equally active community of beginners and learners which creates an opportunity to earn something by teaching Python to beginners. But for teaching python or any other programming languages, you must learn it first.

Many websites offer you an active community with lakhs of members who are involved in Python either learning or teaching. There are also many Discord Servers with thousands and thousands of active members who are ready to help you with any kind of error if you are facing any error while learning Python Language Online or even Offline, all you have to do is to just join them today.

6. Python is Easy To Read

As told above in this post that Python is very easy to learn as compared to other programming languages like C, C++, Java etc, but you should also know that Python Is Also Easy To Read Language.

Python is Easy to Read means that if goo got some sort of code snippet written in python language and you know the basics of python then it will not be difficult for you to read and understand that block of code because Python is just like a simple English Language which can be understood easily as we can understand the English language easily.

7. Create Anything with Python

This point is again as much clear as the headline that 'Create anything and everything with Python'. You can literally use Python for designing and creating your dream application.

Whether you want to create software, a Website or whether you want to create a script for automation of a boring task you can do these tasks simply with python in just simple for few lines of code.

A bonus advantage of Python is that it has fewer lines of code for performing a similar action as in other languages which means that you don't have to write long code for performing simple tasks in python but you have to write a long block of codes in other languages for the same.


In this post, I explained in detail that What Are The Top 7 Reasons To Learn Python. I might have left some points but most of the points related to Python have in explained in detail in this post above. You can also check out this post or article to have a comparative analysis of demand for different programming languages in the market.

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