COC Best Base Layout Strategy – How to Make Best Base Layout in Clash of Clans for War

How to Make Best Base Layout in Clash of Clans for War

Hi friends most of you have an account in clash of clans and when you start your game every time you see that your trophy get a minus. It is a big problem at the time when you are doing farming as the opponent player take over all your loot which you collected with your hard work. So guys today I am going to tell you that how you can make a best layout in clash of clans for war, farming, trolling, antiair troops and many more as this will help you a lot at the time of clan war or clan war league or when you are going to push your trophies to reach legend league. Only you have to do is to read this article and do just like I’ll tell. So lets begin.

How to Make Best Layout in Clash of Clans for War
How to Make Best Layout in Clash of Clans for War

Firstly lets talk about layout that,

How opponent player is able to take over fully three stars form your base?

This can be due to not having a proper layout for your base as when you have focus on farming or trophy pushing then mostly your trophy gets minus because the layout you have made active is maybe best for anything else and as you don’t have made a strategic and powerful layout active then surely its time to get minus your trophy in coc.

best base layout for coc 2021
best base layout for coc 2021

How to know whether the layout you are copying is best for your base or not?

It mainly depends on your wish as if you want to make best clash of clan layout for war or trophy pushing and if you are making active the layout which is for farming or trolling other enemy opponent then it makes no sense as you have to think firstly that you would like to do pushing, farming or making your base free from any troop like air troop, land troop then you have to see whether the layout you are copying do meet the requirement you are looking for or not, if not then look someone others layout and if yes then what are you waiting for just copy paste the base layout because the hopers with a best layout can anytime leave the clan.

Now the main question arises that,

How to make a best layout for clash of clan?

As if you don’t find any player in your. clan with a best layout than you need not to worry for your loot or your trophies you can easily create your layout within no time which can meet the requirements you need you only need to visit to any play store and search for clash of clan layout copy there will be thousands of result for this than you need to install any one of them.

After installing follow these steps for better understanding –

  • When you will open it it will ask you for your townhall level, so specify your TH level.
  • Now you have to filter the layout as your need, the filter column will have maybe four to five option which maybe trophy pushing, farming, anti troop( air or land), war, trolling etc.
  • Select any one of them and you will get an option of copy.
  • when you will click on copy it will automatically open your clash of clan and now select where you want to paste that copies layout.
  • when you are done with all of this you need to be relax. As your all work is done now.
best base layout in 2021 for coc
best base layout in 2021 for coc

Now many of you have questions that after, Making our best layout active then also their trophy will get minus or this time plus.

So we are going to discuss this in our next question.

Will our trophy will get plus or minus this time after copying best layout?

As no star attack by opponent is only possible when he or she have a small army or an army which is weaker as compare to base and also the layout made you copy and other layout you copy will help you to only give a one star attack to opponent player as earlier they were able to take these no one which also with difficulty which will help you a lot and you can concentrate on your war strategy. Thus this layout will help you a lot and will make your work easier to make enemies defeat, also you can apply any troll layout if you want to troll the attacker it will be very funny.

How to Make Best Layout in Clash of Clans for War
How to Make Best Layout in Clash of Clans for War

Now I have made you clear about mostly everything you can do to make your layout best so go on guys and be at the path of becoming best clasher.


Here in this article I have told you about how to make the best of best clash of clan base layout so that you don’t get on minus on your trophies as this technique is very powerful and beneficial for all player who play  COC as it will save the players time and help them to maintain their village more properly. Also I have written an article on mostly asked question regarding clash of clan as those who wants to know more deeply about this game can check out that article here.

I think you have understood which I want to tell to you also if you have any doubt then leave a comment below and if you like to read such articles related to ‘Gaming, Programming, Technology ‘ then check out these articles hope you will like these.

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