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How to make YouTube Shorts and How to Make YouTube Shorts Viral in 2021?

So hey buddies, hope you guys are fine. Today I will be able to inform you intimately that what's YouTube shorts, why YouTube gave short videos feature, the way to make YouTube shorts without investments or the way to create YouTube short videos without investments.

how to make youtube shorts
how to make youtube shorts

The main points which we'll be discussing today during this point are listed below within the table of content.

So let's start from the starting without wasting any time, keep reading below as I will be able to explain the details during a very easy, understandable and straightforward way.

What are YouTube shorts?

YouTube Shorts are short videos that have a duration from 0 sec to 59 sec. this suggests that any video with a time duration between 0 seconds to 59 seconds are going to be treated as a brief video on YouTube and hence it's YouTube shorts. YouTube shorts are often from any niche or any category like YouTube short videos are often for Technology, YouTube short videos are often for cooking, YouTube Short Videos are often for Gaming and YouTube shorts are often associated with any category.

Generally, YouTube videos are horizontal videos but YouTube short videos are the vertical videos even as you see stories on YouTube, Instagram or the other app but are much different from YouTube Stories within the way that YouTube Stories are often of any length although it's divided into small parts making YouTube stories, on the opposite hand, YouTube shots have fixed the fixed maximum duration of 59 seconds otherwise you can say one minute.

Why YouTube gave short videos feature?

YouTube was going all well therefore the question is Why YouTube introduced short videos feature? this is often a serious question which many of you would possibly be having deep inside your curious mind. Let me clear your this doubt that Why YouTube gave short videos feature?

Back in 2020 when an app named Tiktok which was a Chinese application that offered the platform for content creators to form short vertical videos got ban by Indian Government with 53 to 52 other Chinese applications which were violating the IT rules in a method or the opposite or which had any quite reference to china. YouTube and lots of other similar applications saw it as a chance for grabbing the eye of the content creators who were earlier providing content to tictok. Instagram also unrolled its new reels feature for creating vertical short videos which was much almost like Tiktok app and guess what the creators of tick to turned to be the creators on reels on Instagram.

By the time YouTube too introduced short videos feature named YouTube shots but it had been in beta phase which suggests that not all users or creators on YouTube have access to the YouTube shot feature but some had. So after the beta feature clothed to achieve success YouTube released this feature for all the creators on YouTube and this is often how YouTube shots were launched or Why YouTube introduced short videos feature named YouTube shots.

How to edit YouTube short video?

So now as you recognize much about YouTube shorts you would possibly have created your YouTube shorts channel your you would possibly be curious to understand the way to upload your first YouTube short video and the way to edit YouTube shot video easily. don't be concerned i will be able to be explaining to you intimately that the way to edit YouTube shot videos easily on phone.

  1. To edit YouTube shots videos on your phone easily your initiative is that you simply got to have an honest video editor app, just download any video editor app like kinemaster from play store.
  2. After this step, you would like to shoot a video or if you've got something associated with technology or gaming then you'll record your screen or your phone screen vertically.
  3. Once the recording step is completed now you would like to import your video within the video editor app you downloaded from play store and edit it within the ratio of 9:16 or 3:4.
  4. Add all the required effects and every one the common stuff just like the YouTube channel logo and subscribe button in your YouTube shots video to form it attractive and funky .
  5. Now if you would like to feature music to your YouTube shots then you'll roll in the hay in your editor about it should be copyright free otherwise you also can import music later directly from the YouTube app with none copyright, so I like to recommend doing this because it is safer if you do not know much about the copyright.
  6. Once, it's done you're already to publish your first YouTube shots video on YouTube.

How to publish YouTube shorts properly?

Now as you've got made a YouTube short video and it's with you in your local storage like on your phone and you're confused about the way to publish YouTube shorts properly? don't be concerned I will be able to explain intimately that the way to publish YouTube shorts properly?

  1. The first requirement of publishing a YouTube short video is that you simply must have a video ready for uploading as a YouTube short.
  2. Now once you've got YouTube short video on your phone, open the YouTube app on your android or iOS device and click on on the centre sign present at the bottom of the YouTube app.
  3. You will see a create a short and browse your video and video uploading will start processing.
  4. By the time keep an appropriate title for your YouTube short video and also use a hashtag that's #short and  #shortvideo in your tile of video.
  5. Now the video will upload soon because it is not a much bigger video just within the range of 59 seconds or a moment .
  6. Now open your YouTube studio app and click on there on short video which you uploaded just and add a description to it and also add title and then click on save.
  7. After all these steps you and your short video are good to travel .

How to get more views on YouTube short videos?

Now as you uploaded your first YouTube shorts, but something remains left that js views. After uploading your first YouTube short video now you would like to urge more and more views on your YouTube shorts video. But the most question remains remaining that the How to get more views on YouTube short videos? or the How to to Viral YouTube Short Videos? Again you would like to not worry I'm here to assist you with this problem that the Ways to Viral YouTube Short Videos?

To make your YouTube short videos go viral you would like to form good and attention-seeking content. Your content should be attractive and also your editing plays a serious role in making your YouTube short videos go viral so a tip from me is that edit your YouTube short video as professionally as you'll .

Next important thing to form your YouTube short video go viral or to form your YouTube short video viral you would like to use hashtags with the names of big YouTubers in your category. I do know this is often a touch unfair but to realize views in starting may be a much difficult task for a YouTuber so employing a big YouTuber name in starting as a hashtag helps tons . Many YouTubers grows using such tricks and that they also are successful.


So making YouTube Shorts isn't an enormous deal and a confusing concept but it's easy and may be done easily by reading this fully detailed post about YouTube shorts during which I told that what's YouTube shorts, Why YouTube introduced shorts features, the way to edit YouTube shorts, what's the right thanks to publish YouTube shorts and lastly I explained intimately that how you'll get more views on YouTube shorts or the way to viral YouTube shorts videos.

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