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PDisk like Site. If you are a PDisk user then you might be finding the solution for the recent pdisk error they is PDisk Link not Working.

Why PDisk Link not Working? How to Fix PDisk Link Not Working?

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If you are a PDisk user then you might be finding the solution for the recent pdisk error they is PDisk Link not Working. So in this blogpost we will explain the reason that why PDisk Link is not Working and How to Solve PDisk link not working issue.

pdisk like site
pdisk like site

By the way if you don't know what we are taking about in this post that is if you don't know about PDisk then you need not to worry, just check out this post on our blog in which we explained in detail that what is PDisk and How to Make Money by PDisk.

Still on short let me explain about PDisk, PDisk is Online Video Streaming website like YouTube which pays you for every video you upload unlike YouTube.

What is PDisk Link Issue?

PDisk has become more popular platform since previous lockdown that is form 2020 as many people started to find a way to make money online without investments.

PDisk here comes into play. Many people understood the power of PDisk and the earning potential and started to work on PDisk to Make Money Online Without Investing.

But form last few days there has been a serious issue in pdisk website. Many pdisk users have reported that the link generated by pdisk is not opening. The video uploaded by a pdisk user has a unique link which can be used to watch that particular video in playit application but form last there is a serious issue related to pdisk video link.

That is if you open any of the pdisk link to play or watch the video then the video does not play and gives some kind of error which restricts the viewer to Play PDisk Video on PC or to Play PDisk Video on Phone.

As PDisk has grown substantially, it has a very large community of creators as well as viewers so PDisk need to fix this issue as soon as possible. And guess what those who are facing the issue related to PDisk Link now has a good news. To know what exactly is the Update related to PDisk continue reading the full article and if you don't have much time to spend now then I will recommend you to bookmark our blog which will help you to access this premium content and the latest updates as soon as we release it.

What is Latest PDisk Update?

Now as the PDisk Video link is not Working so PDisk users are troubled about their earning from PDisk. PDisk pays it's user only when someone watches the video through the pdisk link. But as you are now that pdisk link is no longer working so pdisk users are worried about their earning from pdisk, because the PDisk users earnings are at risk if this issue related to the pdisk link is not solved as soon as possible. Earlier PDisk CPM also decreased too much which already have affected the earnings of pdisk users. But the PDisk Low CPM is not the issue as we have told the fix related to the PDisk Low CPM issue which you can try and Increase PDisk CPM.

But the PDisk Link Not Working is the main issue related to the earnings from PDisk. But don't worry PDisk has a update for all the pdisk users that is a good news related to pdisk or a good update. No it's not the increment in the PDisk CPM but something which can definitely solve this PDisk Link not Working problem and Increase PDisk Earnings. To know the complete latest update about pdisk issue we recommend you to keep reading this post and you will be happy by pdisk this update.

How to Fix PDisk Link Not Working Issue?

As you got to know that recently there has been a issue of concern that can effect pdisk users earnings drastically so being a pdisk user you may be willing to fix pdisk link not working issue, here's a good update from pdisk for you.

PDisk released a notification on their website stating that They are aware of this issue and are trying hard to solve this issue. Stating forward about their servers, they told their users that the servers they were using previously are not able to open their site for some reason. So they have shifted to other servers and also released two new websites which can be said PDisk Alternative. But as their servers were not in the good condition to open their website so they shifted their servers to some other hosting. PDisk mentioned that they have transferred all the data from pdisk to their two PDisk Like Website so that the users who are facing issues related to the pdisk link not opening, they can use these Two PDisk Like Website or we can say PDisk Like Website to Earn Money.

pdisk alternative
pdisk alternative

Two PDisk Like Website are

  • pdisk1.net
  • cofilink.com

If you are facing trouble in logging to your PDisk Account or if the PDisk Link is not working then you can login with the same account as on pdisk on the above two pdisk like websites or pdisk alternative websites to earn money by uploading videos without investing.


In this blogpost we mentioned about the serious issue related to pdisk that is PDisk Link is Not Working or PDisk Website is not opening or you are not able to login to pdisk website. We mentioned the reason why the pdisk link is not opening when someone tries to watch any pdisk video. Also we shared the update pdisk gave for this issue followed by the fix of the issue. In the end we told about the pdisk like websites or pdisk alternative websites to earn money without investing. And if you are facing issue related to pdisk low cpm and want to fix pdisk low cpm issue then you can check out this post on our blog.

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