Bad News for Airtel Users! | Airtel Prices Hiked by 25% to roll out 5G in India | Expected Price Hike for Vi and Jio Soon

Airtel Mobile Prepaid as well as postpaid plan price hiked and will take effect from this month. Airtel price hike date. Airtel Plans New Prices.

Airtel Prices Hiked by 25% to roll out 5G in India

Airtel Mobile Prepaid as well as postpaid plan price hiked and will take effect from this month. You must have heard this news from telecom giant Airtel.

Airtel has a good subscriber base of about 35.44 Crore according to September 2021 and its users or subscribers are rising significantly with a considerable amount of about 2.74 lakh subscribers per month.

Airtel price hike 2021
Airtel price hike 2021

Such a huge subscriber base is shocked when Airtel announced a hike in their recharge plans for India. Overall the price of each Airtel recharge plan is now more than what it earlier was. Therefore Airtel users now have to pay more for their previous plan which ultimately is forcing masses to recharge Airtel Sim before the date when Airtel hiked plans will come into force.

Why does Airtel Hike the Prices of all Airtel Plans?

Airtel post-paid and prepaid prices hiked in this month from November which obviously will benefit the business model as Airtel mentioned in their Bharti Airtel Tweet a day ago. According to them Bharti Airtel or Airtel has always maintained the ARPU or Average Revenue Per User at Rs.200 and now increasing it by Rs.100 that is to Rs.300 will assist in providing reasonable returns to the company Airtel which will eventually help in maintaining the healthy financial business model.

Further, they believe that this level of hike or APRU will enable considerable investment required in network and spectrum.  Ultimately this finally will aid Airtel to roll out true Airtel 5G in India. Earlier as the Airtel plan prices were not enough to raise the capital to invest in to roll out 5G Network in India they decided to raise the price by 20% to 30% for each Airtel plan. This will help to generate enough capital to release Airtel 5G in India as Airtel wants to be the first to bring 5G network in India which will help it in increasing its user base even further.

Airtel Price Hike details and Airtel Price Hike Chart

Now you know Why Airtel Plans Price Increased, therefore what we can do is accept it if you are a loyal Airtel user and don't want to switch the sin you are using. But before doing so you must know the new Airtel Price Hike details or what are new plan prices are for Airtel users.

Airtel price hike details are provided in the chart or table below.

Airtel new plans chart
Airtel new plans chart

Airtel price hike date

Airtel price hike date as announced by Airtel on 22nd November is 26th November 2021. This means that Airtel New Plan Prices will be implemented in India for Airtel users from 26th November 2021 on this month. It is mentioned in the Airtel Price Hike Chart or post was done by Bharti Airtel on their Twitter handle. You can also see the Airtel Tweet for Price Hike below.

Airtel Plans New Prices

Airtel New Prices are explained in detail below.

Airtel Base Plan Cost

Airtel base and the cheapest plan from 26th November will start from Rs.99 which now costs about Rs. 79 with28 days validity and offering 200 MB data, 1p/sec voice tariff. Talk time will increase by 50% in Rs.99 Airtel Plan.

Airtel Monthly Plan Cost

Airtel has four monthly plans with about 28 days of plan validity which are Rs.149, Rs.219, Rs.249, Rs.298 which will cost Rs.179, Rs.265, Rs.299 and Ra.359 respectively from 26th November. However, there is no extra feature in any of these plans.

Airtel 56 days Plan Cost

Airtel has two 56 days plans which offer 1.5GB and 2GB data respectively which currently costs Rs.399 and Rs.449 but from 26th November it will cost Rs.479 and Rs.549 respectively.

Airtel 84 days Plan Cost

Airtel has three 84 days validity plans which currently coats Rs.379, Rs.598 and Rs.698 but these prices hiked to Rs.455, Rs.719 and Rs.839 and will be implemented from 26th November 2021.

Airtel Data Top-Ups or Unlimited Plan Cost

Airtel users are currently given three choices for data top-ups which are Rs.48 with 3GB data, Rs.98 with 12GB data and 251 with 50GB data. Airtel Top-up Plans will also increase from 26th November and reach Rs.58, Rs.118 and Rs.301 respectively.

Funny tweets are done by surprised Airtel customers.

After Airtel announced Plans Price Hike, Airtel users flooded social media with hilarious reactions. Some of them are below.


According to many users as Airtel has raised the prices of their plans now the competitors like Vi, Jio may also be planning to raise their recharge plans for profit and healthy business model. But its upon you that if you will stick to your current telecon service provider or will port or switch your sim.

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