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PDisk Banned. Why PDisk Banned? Is PDisk Banned permanently? Is there any PDisk Alternative? How can we Earn Money by Uploading Videos Now? PDisk

Why PDisk Banned? What are PDisk Alternative Websites?

PDisk Banned. You might be surprised by this news that PDisk is now banned. Now we cannot earn money by PDisk. If you were a regular user of PDisk then you might be knowing What is PDisk, however, if you are not aware of PDisk then you can read this post. Now coming back to PDisk Ban, you might be having many doubts such as Why PDisk Banned? How to Earn Money After PDisk Ban and might be searching for an alternative to PDisk or PDisk like Website to earn money again. Don't worry today in this post I will clear all your doubts regarding PDisk Banned and an Alternative Source of earnings.

pdisk banned
pdisk banned

Why PDisk Banned?

PDisk Banned. PDisk is Banned simply because of its users. Not just video uploaders but also because of viewers. You might be knowing that PDisk was an upload and warn website, but people utilised it in the wrong way, that is they used to upload Movies and Web series on PDisk and Share them on their Telegram Channels. However, doing so is strictly restricted as per the guidelines of PDisk. Pdisk users just to mint money in a smaller duration of time applied this trick which certainly helped them in many ways, but you now know that who faced the consequences. Uploading Movies and Web series before release or even after release on a third party website is not legal, which is one of the main reasons for banning PDisk or Shutting Down PDisk. One another reason is that the users earned money from pdisk by uploading the dirt movies which again was against pdisk guidelines. Consequently, this leads PDisk to shut down its services all over the world. Now the PDisk users are regretting and searching for an alternative way to earn money or PDisk Alternative. I will be telling you some PDisk Alternative later in this post so keep reading.

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Is PDisk Banned permanently?

Now let us talk about Is PDisk Banned permanently? Whenever you open any PDisk link you will see an error that is 404 page not found.
When you try to login into your PDisk Account then you will see a notice from the PDisk team saying the message as mentioned below.

"Recently the illegal content uploading by some users caused the large social impact. In terms of we are unable to completely solve the problem, we regretfully decided to close PDisk permanently."

pdisk ban

However, after a few hours, they changed the notice and now it shows the message as mentioned below.

"Recently the illegal content uploaded by some users caused the large social impact. In terms of we are unable to completely solve the problem, we regretfully decided to close PDisk temporarily until further notice."

pdisk ban

Analysing the other notices from PDisk one can easily note that the pdisk ban which earlier was permanent is now stated as temporary as they clearly marked that PDisk will be closed temporarily until further notice. This means that PDisk is not Banned Permanently and will return shortly.

Also, many users didn't withdraw their balance in PDisk Account and now they are sad regarding this. From the last 2 weeks, PDisk was consistently clearing the withdrawals of the PDisk account Owners, some people predicted that PDisk may ban within a few days and they made a good move by withdrawing their money from PDisk.

Now What about PDisk Earnings?

As you now know that PDisk has been banned so PDisk will no longer give payments to its previous users. Those PDisk users who already have withdrawed their payments might be happy as they may be considering themselves fortunate. However PDisk Earning for those who have not withdrawed their PDisk earnings now there is no way to get your PDisk earnings. 

Is there any PDisk Alternative?

To answer the question about PDisk Alternative, I already have published an artile about PDisk Alternative website which provide $33 CPM and unlike PDisk it is not based on CPM. I am talking about Doodstream. Yes, can earn money from a pdisk alternative website that is downstream. You can check out this post where I reviewed doodstream completely from Doodstream Account Opening to Make Money from Doodstream.

The another way to make money online is alternative to PDisk, you can use URL shortener websites. I know that this is not better than PDisk but to earn money from the pdisk alternative either you have to use doodstream or you can use URL shorteners. Make a website on blogger or WordPress, upload your videos there and use link shorteners to share your videos. This certainly will help you to earn money. If you don't want to make a separate website to upload video, then you can upload your videos on Google Drive or One Drive, not only these two there are several alternatives to upload videos with high disk space. Then share your URL shortened link on your groups such as Telegram Channel. I will recommend you to use the URL shortener as it does not have any annoying ads and your users will definitely reach the video and finally, you will make money. Moreover, you can also check out this article about Top 5 High CPM URL Shorteners to Make Money Online.

How can we Earn Money by Uploading Videos Now?

To earn money by uploading Videos, now you either have to follow the above two mentioned PDisk Alternative Websites or you have to use YouTube to upload and earn money. One another way to make money by uploading videos is by uploading YouTube Shots. You can check my this post regarding the Best Way to Grow your YouTube Shots Channel on How to Get More Views on YouTube Shots.

Work legit not by uploading the copyrighted content, this will help you to earn money for the long term. Unlike PDisk, YouTube will not ban so you can easily create YouTube Channel and start earning money by Uploading Videos.
If you no more want to be money by uploading videos as in the case of PDisk, so you can use Fiverr to earn money. Fiverr is a freelancing Marketplace that will help you earn in thousands of dollars. To know about How to Earn Money from Fiverr you can read this post.


In this post about PDisk Ban, I explained and cleared all your doubts related to PDisk Ban. I explained Why PDisk Banned, Is PDisk Banned Temporarily or Permanently. Further, I mentioned some legit ways to earn money and PDisk Alternative Websites. To earn money you should not rely on a particular source or website like PDisk rather there should be multiple sources of earning. 

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