Droplink URL Shortener- Best URL Shortener Without Pop-up Ads and Captcha | Minimum Payout, CPM?

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Droplink URL Shortener- Best URL Shortener Without Pop-up Ads and Captcha | Minimum Payout, CPM?

Droplink URL Shortener: There are a plethora of URL Shorteners in the market or on the web today, however, not all of them are good, at the same time, not all URL shorteners are bad. Droplink is one of the URL shorteners which is well known by many URL shortener earners on the internet.
Today in this post we will throw light on a URL shortener that is called Droplink or droplink co. We will discuss and review all the pros and cons of using a droplink URL shortener to earn money. Further we will tell about Droplink Publisher rates, Droplink Minimum Payout Rates. Finally, we will wrap us with a good reason why should you join drop link URL shortener?

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droplink url shortener
droplink url shortener

What is Droplink URL Shortener?

Droplink URL Shortener is a URL Shortener like many other URL shorteners present in the market. Droplink is one of the highest-paid url shortened as well as the trusted URL Shortener. With Droplink URL Shortener you can shorten your long URLs or links and earn money with them. Each time you share your URL you make money. Droplink co URL Shortener although has a typical old-style theme however still it is much better than any other URL shorteners. Moreover, many of the URL shorteners which are present today are just a scam. In simple words, these so-called URL shorteners do not pay the users revenue in return for sharing the links.
Droplink URL shortener stands apart from such images on the internet. People have been using Droplink URL shorteners for a long time and Droplink URL shortener is an old Link Shortener.

What are Droplink URL Shortener Minimum Payout Rates?

Droplink URL Shortener Minimum Payout: Considering that you might have used various link shorteners earlier, you may be aware that different URL Shorteners have different Payout Rates. URL Shortener Payout Rates also depends upon the mode of receiving payments. Generally, the Minimum Payout of a URL Shortener Website is $5 however it may vary for different URL Shorteners.
Below is the list of Droplink URL Shortener Minimum Payout Rates according to the payment modes.

No Withdraw Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount
1 MoMo $3.0000
2 ZaloPay $3.0000
3 Airtm $5.0000
4 Skill $5.0000
5 Payeer $5.0000
6 PayPal $10.0000
7 Bank Transfer for (Vietnam) $5.0000
8 Bank Transfer for (India) $10.0000
9 Bank Transfer for (Mexico) $10.0000
10 Bank Transfer for (Indonesia) $10.0000
11 Web Money $5.0000
12 Perfect Money $20.0000
13 Payoneer $50.0000

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What are the Payment Modes in Droplink URL Shortener?

Droplink URL Shortener Payment Methods: Droplink URL Shortener has plenty of payment methods available which is implemented keeping in mind the most used payment modes of people according to different geographies or particularly countries.
Below is the list of Available Modes of Payments on the Droplink URL Shortener Website.

No Mode of Payment
1 MoMo
2 ZaloPay
3 Airtm
4 Skrill
5 Payeer
6 PayPal
7 Bank Transfer
8 Web Money
9 Perfect Money
10 Payoneer

What are Droplink URL Shortener Publisher Rates (Earnings per 1000 Views)?

Droplink URL Shortener Publisher Rates: Droplink has different publisher rates for different countries, specifically droplink publisher rates depending on the country you belongs to. Droplink pays differently to the users of different countries for per 1000 views.
The Maximum Publisher Rate of Droplink is for Canada which is about $8.0000 and the lowest droplink publisher rate is for China which is only $0.5000. Droplink publisher rate also depends upon the device that is whether the traffic is coming to droplink links from Mobile or Desktop. Generally, Mobile traffic has high CPM in Droplink than Desktop Devices.

Below is the list of Droplink Publisher Rates

No Country CPM
1 Canada $8.0000
2 United States $7.0000
3 United Kingdom $6.0000
4 Australia $5.0000
5 Germany $5.0000
6 Malaysia $4.0000
7 Singapore $4.0000
8 Brazil $4.0000
9 Saudi Arabia $3.0000
10 Spain $3.0000
11 Sweden $3.0000
12 India $3.0000
13 Ireland $3.0000
14 New Zealand $3.0000
15 Netherlands $3.0000
16 Vietnam $4.0000
17 Indonesia $3.0000
18 Mexico $2.0000
19 Italy $2.0000
20 Philippines $2.0000
21 Thailand $2.0000
23 Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $2.0000
24 Argentina $1.5000
25 Colombia $1.2000
26 Japan $1.0000
27 Egypt $1.5000
28 Iraq $1.0000
29 Korea, Republic of Korea $0.5000
30 China $0.5000

Why should you Join Droplink Url Shortener Today?

Reasons to Join Droplink URL Shortener: Unlike many other URL shorteners on the internet Droplink URL Shortener do not have annoying or adult advertisements and also their customer support is good and payment is also done timely.
Below are a few reasons to Join Droplink URL Shortener
  • Get an instant $1 bonus for SIGN UP
  • Highest CPM rates in the world.
  • No annoying pop-up ads.
  • Allows to shorten links 18+
  • Quick payment from 2 to 7 working days.
  • You can request a withdrawal via PayPal, Skrill, MoMo, Bank Transfer
  • Support 24/24 via email
  • Transparency in Droplink Payment-proof

Droplink URL Shortener Payment Proof

Droplink URL Shortener Payment Proof: Droplink is a trusted URL Shortener and gives payment. However many users do not trust before getting a proof.

Below is a Droplink Payment Proof.

droplink url shortener payment proof
droplink url shortener payment proof

How to create an account on the Droplink URL Shortener Website?

Make Droplink URL Shortener Website Account:  Making Droplink URL Shortener is easy. Just as you register to any site you can sign up for droplink and your account will be open instantly.

To create a Droplink URL Shortener Account follow the steps below.

1. Go to Droplink Official Website or click here.
2. Now in the top menu, you will see Droplink Sign up, click on Sign up.

droplink url shortener sign up
droplink url shortener sign up

3. In this step enter your droplink account username, email and create a password.

droplink url shortener register
droplink url shortener register

4. Check on I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and now click register.
5. They may send a link to verify your account on your given email, just open the link in email and verify your droplink account.

droplink url shortener login
droplink url shortener login

6. Now Login to your droplink URL shortener account and start earning.

droplink url shortener dashboard
droplink url shortener dashboard

How to Open Droplink URL Easily?

Open Droplink Link: Many other URL shorteners have difficult pages means they are challenging to pass and to visit the destination page, but droplink do not have such a demerit. You can easily open Droplink Links.

To open the droplink URL shortener link fully the steps below.

1. Firstly paste the droplink URL shortener link in the search bar in chrome and press enter.

open droplink url
open droplink url

2. Now you will land on a page where you have to wait 8 seconds.

open droplink url
open droplink url

3. After 8 seconds you will see at the 'click to proceed button' is enabled, click on it.
4. Now you will land on the next page where you have to scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and click on continue.

droplink link
droplink link
5. In this step, you will again land on a page with 3 seconds timer, after 3 seconds click on the Get Link button.

open droplink
open droplink

droplink url shortener link
droplink url shortener link

6. Now you are on your final page.


Droplink URL Shortener is one of the High Paid and trusted URL Shortener on which you can rely upon to make money by shortening the links. In this post we reviewed everything about Droplink URL Shortener like Droplink Minimum Payout Rates, Droplink Earnings per 1000 vies, Why you should join Droplink URL Shortener. Finally, we told you how to open a Droplink URL Shortener Link. If you have any queries regarding Droplink URL Shortener then feel free to comment down.

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