What is HideLinks URL Shortener? | How to Earn Money with HideLinks Link Shortener in India?

HideLinks URL Shortener - New Highest Paying Best URL Shortener with No Pop-up Ads and Captcha. New Link Shortener. Best Link Shortener in India

HideLinks URL Shortener- Best URL Shortener Without Pop-up Ads and Captcha | Minimum Payout, CPM?

HideLinks URL Shortener: There are a plethora of URL Shorteners in the market or on the web today, however, not all of them are good, at the same time, not all URL shorteners are bad. HideLinks is one of the URL shorteners which is well known by many URL shortener earners on the internet.
Today in this post we will throw light on a URL shortener that is called HideLinks or HideLinks.in. We will discuss and review all the pros and cons of using a HideLinks URL shortener to earn money. Further we will tell about HideLinks Publisher rates, HideLinks Minimum Payout Rates. Finally, we will wrap us with a good reason why should you join HideLinks URL shortener?

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What is HideLinks URL Shortener?

HideLinks URL Shortener is a URL Shortener like many other URL shorteners present in the market. HideLinks is one of the highest-paid url shortened as well as the trusted URL Shortener. With HideLinks URL Shortener you can shorten your long URLs or links and earn money with them. Each time you share your URL you make money. HideLinks co URL Shortener although has a typical old-style theme however still it is much better than any other URL shorteners. Moreover, many of the URL shorteners which are present today are just a scam. In simple words, these so-called URL shorteners do not pay the users revenue in return for sharing the links.
HideLinks URL shortener stands apart from such images on the internet. HideLinks Link Shortener is a new URL Shortener which is launched recently.

hidelinks url shortener
hidelinks url shortener

What are HideLinks URL Shortener Minimum Payout Rates?

HideLinks URL Shortener Minimum Payout: Considering that you might have used various link shorteners earlier, you may be aware that different URL Shorteners have different Payout Rates. URL Shortener Payout Rates also depends upon the mode of receiving payments. Generally, the Minimum Payout of a URL Shortener Website is $5 however it may vary for different URL Shorteners.
Below is the list of HideLinks URL Shortener Minimum Payout Rates according to the payment modes.

hidelinks link shortener
hidelinks link shortener

No Withdraw Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount
1 PayPal $5.0000
2 Paytm $5.0000
3 Bank Transfer $5.0000
4 Gpay $5.0000
5 UPI $5.0000
6 Tron (TRX) $5.0000

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What are the Payment Modes in HideLinks URL Shortener?

HideLinks URL Shortener Payment Methods: HideLinks URL Shortener has plenty of payment methods available which is implemented keeping in mind the most used payment modes of people according to different geographies or particularly countries.
Below is the list of Available Modes of Payments on the HideLinks URL Shortener Website.

Mode of Payments in HideLinks Link Shortener
  • PayPal
  • Paytm (India)
  • Bank Transfer (India)
  • Gpay
  • UPI
  • TRX (Tron)

What are HideLinks URL Shortener Publisher Rates (Earnings per 1000 Views)?

HideLinks URL Shortener Publisher Rates: HideLinks has different publisher rates for different countries, specifically HideLinks publisher rates depending on the country you belongs to. HideLinks pays differently to the users of different countries for per 1000 views.
The Publisher Rate of HideLinks is fixed that is $4.000

Below is the list of HideLinks Publisher Rates

No Country CPM
1 Canada $4.0000
2 United States $4.0000
3 United Kingdom $4.0000
4 Australia $4.0000
5 Germany $4.0000
6 Malaysia $4.0000
7 Singapore $4.0000
8 Brazil $4.0000
9 Saudi Arabia $4.0000
10 Spain $3.0000
11 Sweden $4.0000
12 India $4.0000
13 Ireland $4.0000
14 New Zealand $4.0000
15 Netherlands $4.0000
16 Vietnam $4.0000
17 Indonesia $4.0000
18 Mexico $4.0000
19 Italy $4.0000
20 Philippines $4.0000
21 Thailand $4.0000
23 Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $4.0000
24 Argentina $4.0000
25 Colombia $4.0000
26 Japan $4.0000
27 Egypt $4.0000
28 Iraq $4.0000
29 Korea, Republic of Korea $4.0000
30 China $4.0000

Why should you Join HideLinks URL Shortener Today?

Reasons to Join HideLinks URL Shortener
Unlike many other URL shorteners on the internet HideLinks URL Shortener do not have annoying or adult advertisements and also their customer support is good and payment is also done timely.
Below are a few reasons to Join HideLinks URL Shortener

  1. No fake Download buttons
  2. No Adult ads
  3. No Captcha and Pop Ups
  4. 4$ CPM for All Counrty
  5. 4.5$ For Youtubers and Telegram Channel Owners (10k Minimum Subscribers)
  6. Monthly Payments
  7. Easiest Shortlinks pages
  8. No Click count manipulation

Pointers to keep in mind before using HideLinks Link Shortener

Adult Links :
- Any Kind of adult links , links will be banned directly and we will cancel your payment.

Faucet/PTC Traffic:
- No Faucet/PTC Traffic

Redirect Loop:
- Using other shortener in our shortener and ours in other shortener is strictly prohibited.

Bot Traffic:
- No Bot Traffic

Self Clicks(VPN/Proxy): 
- Doing Self Clicks using VPNs / Proxy will result in termination of your account without payment.

If  anyone voilates these rules will result in permanent ban from HideLinks and the payments will be cancelled.

How to Earn Money by HideLinks Link Shortener in India?

Earn Money with URL Shortener in India: There are two ways to make money from URL shorteners in India specifically we are talking here about HideLinks in Link Shortener.

Earn Money by shortening links

Earning money with HideLinks Link Shortener is easy. Firstly you can earn money with HideLinks.in by shortening you links and sharing it on different social media platforms like Telegram, YouTube and so on.

Earn Money with HideLinks Referral Program

Ther second way to earn money with URL shortener in India specifically through HideLinks.in is using its referral program. By referral we means that whenever you recommend your friend HideLinks.in Link Shortener and if he signup and starts earning HideLink Link Shortener than you will get 20% commission out of this.

HideLinks URL Shortener Payment Proof

HideLinks URL Shortener Payment Proof: HideLinks is a trusted URL Shortener and gives payment. However many users do not trust before getting a proof.

Currently HideLinks in is a new Link Shortener and we are currently working on it therefore we need some time to show you the HideLinks Paymemt Proofs.

How to create an account on the HideLinks URL Shortener Website?

Make HideLinks URL Shortener Website Account:  Making HideLinks URL Shortener is easy. Just as you register to any site you can sign up for HideLinks and your account will be open instantly.

To create a HideLinks URL Shortener Account follow the steps below.

Make HideLinks Account through Hidelinks Website

1. Go to HideLinks Official Website or click here.
2. Now in the top menu, you will see HideLinks Sign up, click on Sign up.
3. In this step enter your HideLinks account username, email and create a password.
4. Check on I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and now click register.
5. They may send a link to verify your account on your given email, just open the link in email and verify your HideLinks account.
6. Now Login to your HideLinks URL shortener account and start earning.

Make HideLinks Account through Hidelinks Telegram Support

  1. Open your Telegram app and search for hidelinks support.
  2. Now message them that you want to make hidelinks.in account.
  3. They will ask you about your Website, YouTube Channel or Telegram Channel and the statistics.
  4. Note that you can have a hidelinks account only if you have 3000 Members on Telegram, 300 Subscriber on YouTube with 15k views in last 28 days and 500 daily visits on your website.
  5. If you meet the above criteria then you will have your account ready in a minute.

How to Open HideLinks URL Easily?

Open HideLinks Link: Many other URL shorteners have difficult pages means they are challenging to pass and to visit the destination page, but HideLinks do not have such a demerit. You can easily open HideLinks Links.

To open the HideLinks URL shortener link fully the steps below.

1. Firstly paste the HideLinks URL shortener link in the search bar in chrome and press enter.
2. Now you will land on a page where you need to do human verification and now click on click here to continue.

hidelinks url shortener
hidelinks url shortener
3. Now on next page you have to wait for a timer to complete, now scroll and click Go-Continue.

hidelinks url shortener
hidelinks url shortener
hidelinks url shortener
hidelinks url shortener

4. In this step a pop up will appear just scroll and click Go-Continue.

hidelinks url shortener
hidelinks url shortener

5. In this last step, you will again land on a page with 5 seconds timer, after 5 seconds click on the Get Link button.

hidelinks url shortener
hidelinks url shortener

hidelinks url shortener
hidelinks url shortener
6. Now you are on your final page.


HideLinks URL Shortener is one of the High Paid and trusted URL Shortener on which you can rely upon to make money by shortening the links. In this post we reviewed everything about HideLinks URL Shortener like HideLinks Minimum Payout Rates, HideLinks Earnings per 1000 vies, Why you should join HideLinks URL Shortener. Finally, we told you how to open a HideLinks URL Shortener Link. If you have any queries regarding HideLinks URL Shortener then feel free to comment down.

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