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iMagz Premium Blogger Template Review

Download iMagz Premium Blogger Template for Free: Do you want to Download iMagz Premium Latest Version Blogger Template for Free? Are you a blogger and looking for a good premium AdSense ready blogger template to make your blog look professional and modern? Then you are at the right website or blog because today I will tell you to download one of such best modern looking blogger templates for free. I will tell you How to Download iMagz Premium Blogger Template for Free, which is the Latest Version of the iMagz 1.2 Blogger Template.
Here I will tell you some important information about iMagz 1.2 like its features, How to Customize iMagz 1.2 Premium Version and finally, I will provide you with iMagz Premium Blogger Template for Free.

We already have provided iMagz Safelink Blogger Template with Landing Page for free, so you can also check it out on our blog.

imagz blogger template
imagz blogger template

What is iMagz Premium Version?

iMagz Premium Version is a blogger template that is the most advanced and modern Premium Blogger Template available on the internet today. iMagz is provided by Jagothemes, which means the real owner of iMagz is Jagotheme. You can visit their website to check out more about iMagz Premium Version Free Download.  iMagz Premium Blogger Template is used by most of the bloggers today who have their blog on blogger.
This is because of the features like it us the Best SEO friendly Premium Blogger Template for Free and easy customizations  iMagz Premium Version provides to the bloggers. iMagz Features will be provided further in this post along with the Download iMagz Premium Version for Free. So you are requested to keep reading this article to access iMagz Premium Version Download.

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iMagz 1.2 Premium Version Free Features

iMagz 1.6 Premium Version Free Download is filled with numerous Features like AdSense friendly or AdSense ready, SEO friendly Blogger Template and many more which make iMagz Premium Blogger Template Free Download stand out in the Best Blogger Premium Themes Market.

Some of the features of iMagz 1.2 Premium Blogger Template Free Download are as mentioned below

  • 100% Responsive Friendly
  • 100% AdSense Ready
  • Google Structured Data Testing Tool Valid
  • Google Rich Results Is Valid
  • Custom Error Page
  • Fastest Page And Post Loading
  • Inbuilt Original JavaScript
  • Pinned Post Section
  • Beautiful SVG Icons
  • Sidebar 
  • All Sharing Buttons
  • Inbuilt Blogger, Disqus, or Facebook Comments Options
  • Custom Optimization
  • Sidebar Popular Post by (Label, Recent or Random)
  • Perfectly SEO Optimized
  • Social share Button Options (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Email and Copy Link)
  • Browser Inbuilt Compatible
  • No Footer Copyright Credits
  • Amazing Author About widget
  • Bottom Ad Section
  • Multiple Ad Sections

iMagz 1.2 Dark Mode

imagz blogger template download
imagz blogger template download

iMagz 1.2 Light Mode

imagz blogger template free
imagz blogger template free

iMagz 1.2 Premium Blogger Template Free Download Features in Detail

Let us now discuss some of the features of iMagz Premium Version Blogger Template Free Download in Detail.

Automatic Table of Content iMagz Blogger Template

iMagz Blogger Template offers a feature of Automatic Table of Content in Blogger which automatically detects the Heading and Subheading I the post and makes the automatic table of content in the post. This feature of iMagz Blogger Template reduces the work of bloggers to manually create a table of content in a blogpost to a great extent. However, if you want to add a table of content in the iMagz Blogger template manually you can do that too.

Landing Page

iMagz Blogger Template has a clean, minimal and attractive static landing page where you can tell the visitors either about yourself or about your services. For example take a look at our blog particularly our blog landing page and try to understand how we utilized iMag Blogger Template Landing Page. iMagz Landing page also has a section of blogs in Landing Page itself, however there are only few blogposts available on the landing page as there is a separate section of blog in iMagz Blogger Template.

Separate Blog Section

iMagz 1.2 Blogger Template has a separate section or specifically a separate page for the blogposts uploaded on the blog. This Blog page is totally different from the Landing page. In Blog page of iMagz Blogger Template you can see your blogposts as well as advertisements between the blogposts.

Slider Section iMagz 1.2

The next feature of iMagz Premium Blogger Template Free Download is Slider Section. You can showcase your work in this slider in iMagz Premium Blogger Template Download for Free like you can tell about your services on the iMagz Blogger Template Slider. You can check my Blog to check how the iMagz blogger template slider works.

Types of Ad Slots Available

iMagz Blogger Template has various kinds of ad format slots available to maximize your revenue through the advertisement network you are using. A few example of types of ad slots are mentioned below.
  • Sticky ad slots in sidebar
  • In-feed ad on blog (2 ads on blog page)
  • Anchor ad
  • Top and Bottom article ads
  • In-article or in-post ad (2 ads)
  • Matched content ads (related ad)

Accordion or Toggle Menu iMagz Blogger Template

iMagz Premium Blogger Template Free Download also provides Accordion or Toggle Menu. This feature can be used for the FAQ section of your blog. This feature of the iMagz Premium Blogger Template is best for small businesses.

Note Block iMagz Blogger Template

You can use the Note Block Feature of Median UI 1.6 Premium Blogger Template Free Download to Highlight specific information you want to convey to your visit to your website or blog.  An example of Note block in Median UI 1.6 Premium Blogger Template Free Download is given below.

This is an example of Note block in Median UI 1.6 Premium Blogger Template.

Code Block iMagz Blogger Template

If you run a coding website or coding blog and want to provide codes or programmes to your visitors iMagz 1.2 Premium Blogger Template Free Download also offers the Code Block which is easy to customize.

This is an example of code block in Median UI 1.6 Median UI Median UI 1.6 Median UI 1.6 Free Download Download Median UI 1.6 Free Download Median UI 1.6 Premium Free Median UI 1.6 Premium Blogger Template

Some other Features of iMagz Premium Blogger Template for Free

As I mentioned in the starting that there are an immense number of features in iMagz Premium Blogger Template, so below are some leftover features of iMagz 1.2 Premium Blogger Template Free Download.

No Feature Availability
1 Best Responsive Yes
2 Google Tool Validator Yes
3 Best SEO Friendly Yes
4 Best Mobile Friendly Yes
5 404 Page Yes
6 New Featured Post Yes
7 Shortcode Yes
8 Auto Read More With Thumbnail Yes
9 Ads Ready Yes
10 Responsive Footer Yes
11 Social Follow Button Yes
12 Multi Drop Down Yes
13 Best Search Widget Yes
14 Related Posts With Thumbnail Yes
15 Social Share Button Yes
16 Email News Letter Widget Yes
17 Recent Post Widget Yes
18 Detailed Documentation Yes

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How to apply iMagz Premium Blogger Template Free Download to your Website or Blog

To apply iMagz Premium Blogger Template Free Download to your Website or Blog you can follow the steps below
  1. Go to
  2. Now visit the dashboard of your website or blog in blogger.
  3. In this step click on the theme on the left sidebar on the blogger dashboard.
  4. Now click customize button and finally click on the edit with HTML button.
  5. Press CTRL+A and delete the current theme.
  6. Copy iMagz Premium Blogger Template code and paste it in there.
  7. After this click save changes button.
  8. Now you have successfully applied iMagz Premium Blogger Template Free Download to your Blog.

Remember to take a backup of your previous theme before applying the Median UI 1.6 Premium Blogger Template to your blog.

iMagz 1.25 Premium Blogger Template

Jagotheme releases an upgraded version of the Premium iMagz template with a gap of a few months, so iMagz will be available to download on our website as soon as it is released. Keep visiting our blog to check if iMagz 1.25 is posted on our blog or not.

Till then you can also use Median UI 1.6 Safelink or Median UI 1.6 Blogger Template for your Blogs.


In this post about iMagz 1.2 Premium Version Free Download, we reviewed all the major features of iMagz Premium Blogger Template Free Download. We also provide Download iMagz Premium Blogger Template for Free which will definitely give you better results in your blogging journey than your current theme. If you have any doubt about iMagz 1.2 Premium Blogger Template Free Download then you are free to comment down.

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