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Earn Free BTC Online Without Investment is something that most crypto enthusiasts dream of. However, earning Bitcoin online without investments is no longer a dream. You can easily Earn Bitcoins Without Investments Online. There are tons of websites claiming to give real BTC to their users in return for some simple tasks but most of them are just fake and do not provide anything after working on their platform. Today in this post we will review a crypto earning website or a BTC Earning Website that pays you in the form of Bitcoins in return for performing some simple tasks.

What is CryptoWin.io

Cyptowin.io in simple words is a faucet website or a cryptocurrency earning website that pays its users in return for performing some simple jobs such as filling forms. Not only this you can do tons of simple tasks to earn bitcoins online without any investments. Cryptowin is one of the fastest-growing faucet websites that was started in recent years and since then, it has reached 321,810 registered users. This number indicates the authenticity of cryptowin.io. In addition, cryptowin.io is different from other faucet websites or crypto earning websites in many ways will be discussed further in this post.


Features of CryptoWin.io

Talking about features of cryptowin, it will not be wrong to say that cryptowin has tons of features that make it unique and stand out from other similar categories of faucet websites or crypto earning websites. Below is a detailed list of features that cryptowin.io offer to its users.

Simple account setup.

Creating an account on cryptowin.io is very simple and takes only a couple of seconds after which you can start earning bitcoins instantly.

Various ways to earn crypto

The ways to make money in the form of crypto are not limited. There are various ways to earn free bitcoins such as answering surveys, filling out forms and so on.

Get intrest on your Earnings

Cryptowin offers interest of 0.7% on whatever you have earned from cryptowin.io for the duration of every 6 months or 180 days. Moreover, it ensures that you keep earning Bitcoin even when you sleep.

Instant Withdrawals

Cryptowin completes the withdrawal requests of the users in the shortest period possible, ultimately making it an instant bitcoin earning faucet website available online.

Customer support

Cryptowin has excellent customer support. In case you have any issue regarding your payment or account then you can simply ask the admin of the website to solve the problem which will we solve in the shortest duration possible.

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How to earn Bitcoin through Cryptowin.io

There are several ways as already mentioned to earn free BTC through the cryptowin bitcoin earning faucet website. Any of your desired and the most suitable way can be utilized to earn free BTC on cryptowin.io. All the methods to earn free bitcoin from cryptowin are mentioned below.

Bitcoin Reward

Earn Bitcoin by doing nothing – just completing a simple captcha.


View our sponsored Advertisements and get instant rewards.

Earn Interest

Earn with Revenue program. Get some shares and earn a daily Passive Income.

Paid Surveys

Take surveys while influencing the next generation of products & services.

Do Offers

Get paid for trying new products and services (videos, apps, websites).

Referral Contest

Invite more friends and Win large prizes with our referral contest.

Coin Multiplier

Play our provably fair HI-LO Multiplier and watch your BTC grow.


Try to hit big at our lottery! Remember, winners, are chosen randomly.

50% for Referrals

Get a minimum of 50% from all your referrals and earn additional income.

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How to Create an Account on CryptoWin.io

Now as you are aware of all the features of cryptowin.io and also the ways to earn BTC online from it, therefore now it’s your turn to take action by creating a free account on cryptowin.io to earn free bitcoins.

  • Now fill in all the basic details such as username, email, BTC address and so on accordingly.
  • Click on Create Account.
  • Now check your email for the verification link, click on the link and verify your account.
  • Once verified, log in to your account.
  • Now you are ready to earn free bitcoins from cryptowin.

Cryptowin Account Registration Problem – Fixed

In some cases, it may happen that when you try to create a new account on the cryptowin website then you don’t receive a confirmation email from the website to activate your account. In such a case try creating an account in the firefox browser. This may solve the cryptowin account registration issue or cryptowin activation email not received problem.

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How to Earn Free BTC Online Without Investnment from Cryptowin

After creating an account on cryptowin now you are ready to earn free BTC in a variety of ways as mentioned above.

Solving Captcha to Earn Free BTC

This allows you to solve simple catches to earn free BTC for free from the cryptowin.io website. To earn free BTC by solving captcha follow the steps mentioned below.

  • On the cryptowin dashboard click on Rewards on the navigation menu.
  • Now scroll down and click on Get Reward.
  • Fill the captcha in the popup.
  • Click Claim Now.
  • Now you earned BTC, check in the cryptowin dashboard.

View Ads to Earn BTC

To earn free BTC another way is to view advertisements. To earn free BTC by viewing ads follow the steps mentioned below.

  • On the cryptowin dashboard click on View Ads on the navigation menu.
  • Now there will be ads that you can view to earn free BTC.
  • Click on Open Ad.
  • On the next page click on start to earn free BTC.
  • Wait 10 seconds after which 1 Satoshi will be credited to your cryptowin account.
  • Replicate these steps to maximize your earnings.

Earn Free BTC by Lottery

You can also earn free BTC by buying lottery tickets from the Satoshi you earn from the cryptowin website. To participate in the Satoshi lottery follow the steps mentioned below.

  • On the cryptowin dashboard click on Lottery on the navigation menu.
  • Click on Buy Tickets.
  • After buying tickets from your earned Satoshi, the winner will be randomly selected.

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Earn Free BTC Online Without Investment by Referring

An extra passive income in the form of Satoshi can be generated by referring the cryptowin website to your friends. To earn free BTC by referral follow the steps below.

  • Click on the dashboard on the cryptowin website.
  • Now scroll down, there you will notice referral statistics.
  • Click on Get Link.
  • Copy your referral link.
  • Share this link and whenever your friend starts earning BTC you will get a 50% commission.
  • To support our work create an account on cryptowin website here.


Earn Free BTC is searched by thousands of people worldwide, however many of the websites they work on are fake. Therefore in this post titled Earn Free BTC Online Without Investments – CryptoWin we reviewed Cryptowin’s free BTC earning websites & explained all the features as well as the ways to earn free BTC online without investments which is most suitable for the students. 

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