How to Get Premium Account Cookies? | How to Use Premium Account Cookies 2022 | Cookie Editor Extension

What are Premium Account Cookies?

You will be given step-by-step instructions on how to use premium cookies or premium account cookies 2022 in this post. As the illustrations in the text make it obvious, you can achieve this quite simply.

How to Get Premium Account Cookies

A free plan and a premium or pro plan are offered by almost all services. Numerous features found in these premium plans are absent from the free version. The picture underneath the website that we all like shows the differences between various subscription options.

How to use Premium Account Cookies?

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the web store. I took the screenshot using Chrome, but it can be done in the same way with any browser. Edge, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and so on.
  2. Next, type “cookie editor” into the web store’s search field as displayed in the below image.

Click here to download the Cookie Editor Chrome Extension.

Add-on for Firefox called Cookie Editor may be found at addons.

  1. After that, update your browser to include the cookie editor Chrome extension that is displayed in the image. Clicking on it will reveal add to Chrome as seen in the image below. After that, click it to install the Chrome extension for editing cookies.
  2. Even though this step is not necessary, you can still use the cookie editor Chrome extension with it. The cookies editor Chrome plugin only requires pinning to the extension bar.‘

How to Use Cookie Editor for Premium Account Cookies?

Already installed is the cookie editor. Let’s examine the use of the cookie editor Chrome extension with premium account cookies.

  1. To start, search for premium cookies. Cookies are available on both our telegram channel and website (
  2. To use SEMrush pro cookies, for instance, we must first copy the cookies. The SEMrush website must be visited next.
  3. There is something you need to do now that you have SEMrush cookies. Click once to launch the previously downloaded and bookmarked cookie editor chrome extension.
  4. Next, open the SEMrush website and wait for it to load completely. Then, like in the illustration, you must click the erase all button.
  5. You can now notice the “This page does not have any cookies” message and that the cookies have vanished.
  6. Next, select the import button as indicated in the image below. The next step will be quite simple if you have already copied the semrush pro cookies.
  7. You only need to paste the JSON code you first copied at this point (or semrush premium cookies code). then select the import button as indicated by the image.
  8. After clicking import, the final thing you need to do is reload the website. Reload frequently. The most crucial action is this. You may now use any premium cookies in this manner.

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First, if you don’t already have functioning premium cookies, copy them from the article below about Grammarly.

How to find premium cookies?

By perusing the articles on our website, you can obtain daily premium account cookies. They are 100% functional premium cookies, we promise. Every two to three days, we unquestionably update all cookies, so if you bookmark our website, you can acquire premium account cookies as soon as we do.

What kinds of cookies are available?

The list of premium account cookies is available to you now.

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