How to Transfer Telegram Channel Ownership | Easiest Method 2022

Transfer Telegram Channel Ownership: One of the most popular applications worldwide is Telegram. Many aspects, like strong servers and tight security, have contributed to this success. Transferring ownership of a Telegram channel or group, however, is a challenge for channel and group managers.

Managers formerly had to transfer their Telegram number in order to How to Transfer Telegram Channel Ownership. A recent Telegram update allows group administrators and channel managers to replace the channel’s original administrators and transfer full control to a different user.

Transfer Telegram Channel Ownership

Transfer Telegram Channel Ownership

With this upgrade, buying and selling Telegram channels without transferring phone numbers became simpler for channel and group admins. In this article, we will demonstrate “how to Transfer Telegram Channel Ownership for Telegram Channel.” Follow along with me and provide your feedback at the end of the article.

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You can use this tool to sell your current Telegram channel or to acquire a new one. The inability to change the channel’s ownership may have been one of the admins’ and supergroup’s key worries. In order to allow the creator of a group or channel to transfer it to another person, Telegram has now provided the ability to transfer ownership of the channel which we are going to discuss How to Transfer Telegram Channel Ownership.

How to Transfer Telegram Channel Ownership

Create Telegram Channel

Create a Telegram group or channel in step 1

You must first create a Telegram channel or group. Please review the related article for this purpose.

Add Your Target Subscriber

Step 2: Add the Subscriber You Want.

Find your target contact (the person you want to make the owner of the channel or group) in this area and add him.

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Add New Administrator

Add a new administrator in Step 3

You can now add him to the list of administrators. Go to the “Administrators” area and select “Add Admin” to accomplish this.

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Activate “Add New Admins”

Step 4: Turn on the “Add New Admins” feature.

Toggle on “Add New Admins” by clicking on it. Simply make sure that it is enabled and has a blue color to do this.

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Channel Ownership Transfer

Activate the “Transfer Channel Ownership” button in step 5

The New button will become available to you if you enable the “Add New Admins” option. To switch the channel owner, tap the “Transfer Channel Ownership” button.

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Change the owner of a Telegram channel

Click the “CHANGE OWNER” button in step 6

Are you certain that you want to permanently alter the channel or group owner? If so, select “CHANGE OWNER” from the menu.

Warning! You cannot change the owner of a channel or group once you have done so; the owner is changed permanently. Only a new administrator may change it again; you cannot!

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