Telegram Premium: What it is and How to Get Telegram Premium for Free in 2022

Telegram Premium: For the first time, Telegram has debuted a new premium service. The program takes pleasure in not using advertisements and has chosen the next best way to make money: a subscription service. Why would a user choose to pay for an instant messaging program when there are practically countless free options available? Telegram believes that its special features will make up for the price.

telegram premium

The app believes Telegram Premium is a good method for users to support the network and that it would bring certain exclusive features. Although the second justification may be honorable, few customers would be willing to pay to support an app alone. The majority of premium users will instead be willing to spend money on the extra features.

Price of Telegram Premium in India: The monthly cost of a Telegram Premium subscription is Rs 460.

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What is the price of Telegram Premium?

When WhatsApp was first released, it was also a membership service that cost $0.99 per year after the first year was free. Because Telegram’s Premium service is so much better than WhatsApp’s previous strategy, it costs more. Although Telegram didn’t specify the precise monthly fee in its statement, those who already have Premium are seeing a price of $4.99 on iOS and $3.99 on Android (with several country-wise variations).

Which features make Telegram Premium, ‘Premium-worthy’?

Telegram asserts that it will provide all the resource-intensive capabilities that users have long demanded. Increased limitations, 4 GB file uploads, quicker downloads, exclusive stickers and reactions, better chat management, and other advantages are among its features.

Let’s go over some of Features of Telegram Premium:

Doubled premium limits

Increased restrictions are available to premium customers for practically all app features. With Premium, you can store up to 10 favorite stickers, follow up to 1000 channels, make up to 20 chat folders with a maximum of 200 chats each, add a fourth account to any Telegram app, and pin up to 10 talks to the main list.

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Uploads of 4 GB

Regular Telegram users have free access to 2 GB of Telegram Cloud storage for large files and media uploads. Members of Telegram Premium can send files up to 4 GB in size. However, it’s interesting to note that regardless of whether they have a Telegram Premium subscription, all users can download these exceptionally huge documents.

Premium Downloads Are Faster

In addition to uploads, Premium members will have access to the quickest download speeds for files and media. As quickly as the network can handle it, the user can access everything in their unlimited cloud storage.

Increased Limits

All Telegram restrictions will be lifted for Premium users. A fourth account can be added to any Telegram app, premium users can pin 10 chats in the main list, follow up to 1000 channels, create up to 20 chat folders with up to 200 talks each, and store up to 10 favorite stickers. Even fundamental features have their restrictions extended. You are free to write a longer bio and incorporate a link into it. Similar to that, Premium permits media captions to have more characters.

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For those occasions when you don’t want to listen but still want to see what it says, voice messages can be turned to text. You can give transcriptions a rating to help them get better.

Special Stickers

Premium users can now send full-screen animations as stickers in any chat. Telegram artists will update this premium sticker collection on a monthly basis. Additionally, premium subscribers will get access to more emojis—more than 10 new ones—to respond to messages.

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Management of chat

New options in Telegram Premium help you arrange your chat list. For example, you may change your default chat folder so that the app always starts in a certain category, such as Unread, rather than All Chats.

Animations for Profile Photos

Everyone using the app will be able to see the animated profile videos of premium users in chats and the chat list.

Outstanding Premium Badges

Each and every premium user has a Premium emblem next to their name in the chat list, chat headers, and group member lists.

UI/UX icons

Telegram icons can be added to the home screens of mobile devices by premium users. The customer will have the option of selecting a turbo-plane, premium star, or night sky.

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No Ads

Sponsored Messages are displayed in various nations on broad, open one-to-many channels. Those who have Telegram Premium access won’t see these advertisements anymore.

Does Telegram Premium Make Sense?

The majority of the new features are useful, but whether they are worthwhile in terms of cost is the actual concern. Well, that depends on various things. The main factor is your Telegram usage. We aren’t shocked if you choose to utilize Telegram as your cloud storage service given its high file upload size restriction on the free version.

Telegram could serve as a cloud storage service even if it wasn’t designed for that purpose because there is no size limit on the files you can save. If using Telegram Premium is one of your main uses, you’ll welcome its 4GB file upload capacity restriction, which, for reference, is equivalent to around 4 hours of 1080p video.

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