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[Sticky] How to Download Any Udemy Course Directly To Your Drive Or Team Drive

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Download Any Udemy Course Directly To Your Drive Or Team Drive

1. You You must have a Udemy account to follow this tutorial. Use your own account or use below method.

2. Now login into your Udemy account.

3. After you are logged in, right click anywhere on the udemy website and choose Inspect or you can press shortcut button F12.

4. Choose Application tab, then choose Cookies -> or on the left.

5. On the right, type into filter: access_token , double click and copy the value inside Value box. Save this Access Token somewhere as you will need this later.

6. Now Download the Colab Notebook from the link given below.

7. After downloading the file go to and upload the file you downloaded above.

8. Now run the first, second and third cell one by one.

9. In the fourth cell fill all the details accordingly.
-First Enter the Url of the Course which you want to download.

-In Download_Dir enter the directory in which you want to download the course.
-In the Access_Token field enter the token you got in step 5.
-Only change it if you want to download subtitles in language other than English.
-Enter the quality in which you want to download course videos.

10. Click the play button and voila!!! It will start downloading the course in the directory you specified.

Note: If the size of the course is big, it may take some time to appear in your drive or team drive.

Enjoy 👍

Posted : 28/06/2022 5:35 am

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