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How to Get Windows 365 RDP for Free for 1 Month?

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If you want a free cloud PC or RDP for 1 Month at no cost then this trick is only for you!

I tried this method and it is 100% working. You can also get a free Cloud PC just like me, just follow the steps below. 

1. Connect to a VPN (?? USA)

2. Now visit this link to get a working bin.

3. After this visit this Free RDP Link. (? Important)

4. Enter your email, and click setup account. 

5. Fill in basic details like First Name, Last Name and so on.

6. In Business Phone enter your real one, else does not work. (? Important)

7. On the next page verify OTP.

8. Now use the bin made in step 2.

9. Boom you have now 1 Month Rdp for Free!


If you face any issues tell us here in the forum, and we will try to solve them.


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Posted : 06/05/2022 3:42 am

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