8 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Clash of Clans Game in 2021

So today I we will discuss about some of the important questions about Clash of Clans or COC which many gamers or who is a beginner or new to COC
So today I we will discuss about 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Clash of Clans Game in 2021  which many gamers or who is a beginner or new to COC have. More specifically we will be talking about if clash of clan is better than pubg, updates about town hall 14, How to play clash of clans on pc or how to play coc or clash of clans on computer/laptop.

8 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Clash of Clans Game in 2021
8 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Clash of Clans Game in 2021

Is Clash of Clan an excellent game to play?

Coc a game for gamers to maintain their patient and their inside peace making the players to understand the strategy of the opponent player doing this helps in best competing and making the 100% probability of taking three stars on an enemy base. It helps in improving our skills, strategy, patience, etc. This considering it as an excellent game to play, is not worthless; it helps increase the level of understanding the situation and be decisive as it assists us in real life be assertive and patient and work with some plan. As it is a quality game so playing it is not useless. There are many things one can learn from it. That's why not only children but adults of +50 also play CoC (Clash of Clan). Before the game Pubg, it was only the love of millions and millions of people With 500 million+ downloaders. Also, many people play this game because there is no mass violence in this game, giving it a benefit establishes its affection in people's souls.

How to connect our account to Supercell?

Suppose you don't want to lose your village in COC. In that case, you can connect your id to Supercell, and then even if you delete the app, your town will not get lost only you have to do is to open CoC and click on settings, click disconnected and now put your id and Supercell will send you an OTP on your email you entered to put in there after doing all this you will be able to operate your account and will get 50 gems for connecting the id to Supercell.

How to play Clash of the clan (CoC) on a computer/ laptop?

It's not an arduous task to play clash of clan on computer/laptop; if you want to enjoy playing clash of clan on pc, then it would be achieved by using an android emulator downloading android emulator like LD player, Gameloop, Nox player, Smart Gaga, Bluestacks, etc. any of this can help play coc on pc.

Steps for downloading clash of clan on pc -

  1. Visit any android emulator site and download it.
  2. Now just search the game clash of clan in the search bar.
  3. Download the game comes in search results.
  4. Open the game and start playing also,
  5.  If you have any supercell id and want to play from that id, just go to setting and disconnect, then log in your id there.

Updated regarding Townhall 14

When you upgrade your town hall to 14, many impressive buildings will be unlocked, like pet houses. The builder huts can be upgraded at townhall 14; also, all heroes will have their pets having the different ability from each other, the pets can also be upgraded to max level for their best performance and rest items which will unlock on townhall 14 are 25× wall pieces, air bomb, sneaking air mine, bomb, giant bomb, skeleton trap. The Pet house on level one will unlock LASSI; it can jump high and then to attack on targets. Secondly, upgrading pet house to level 2 will unlock electric owl it has the ability to attack by nearby buildings, on upgrading pet house to level 3 mighty yak gets unlocked which have the ability to deal with wall and break them. At the last level, the unicorn is unlocked, which can heal the hero it is with.

How to change the base layout in Clash of clan instantly?

It's easy to change the layout and put what you want; it can be achieved by downloading the clash of clan layout app. It contains several different base layouts related to war, trophy pushing, farming; the hybrid also configuration for trolling the enemy during the attack, which has its fun in doing this.

To change the layout of the base, follow these steps-

  1. Go to the play store and search 'clash of clan layout.'
  2. Visit any of the results and download them.
  3. Now open the app and select your town hall, then choose the category of ( farming, war, trophy, troll, hybrid anti hogs, antiair, etc.).
  4. Click on copy base layout.
  5. The app will automatically open your CoC, and then you can copy your selected base there.

Which game is better, between Clash of the clan or Clash Royale?

No doubt both are the legendary games of Supercell, and both have their fans in huge number, but Clash of the clan have a more downloader than clash royale so it can be clearly said that the most favourite game of gamers from the clash of the clan or clash royale is 'Clash of the clan'. Clash Royale is also somewhat like CoC, but it is not able to make that place in a player heart like CoC.

How to recover lost Clash of clan account?

Now I will tell you that how you can recover your lost CoC account due to the deletion of the game. If you have a supercell id, then it can quickly recover the account; you only have to install the game again and go to settings where you can likewise connect your supercell id and your village will come back and if you haven't connected your account to Supercell than-

  1. Firstly go to clash of clan and open the settings.
  2. Now click on help and support and then on report an issue.
  3. Then press other problem and specify your problem of lost account.
  4. Ensure that you are linked to a google account; only then can the old village be recovered.

Which can be the most used troop in Clash of a clan?

Frequently used troops my be electro dragon from townhall 11 as till townhall ten everyone has the interest to use electroloon army thus from townhall 11 till it can be said that ED or ElectroDragon is most used troop and now let us talk about starting townhall bases for them frequently used troops are archers and wizards for funnelling around. It helps in making three stars by defending the enemy base.


In this post I answered some of the most asked question about clash of clans game which are Which is the most used troops in clash of clans? How to recover deleted coc accounts in easy and simple way and many other similar questions.

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