What is Doodstream? | How to Earn Money from Doodstream in 2022 | $33 CPM PDisk Alternative

Earn about $100 or more each month from Doodstream. You can easily earn money online from Doodstream.Doodstream is a pdisk alternative website.

What is Doodstream? How to Earn Money from Doodstream in 2022

Make Money Online by Uploading Videos. Are you searching for a platform that can pay you for uploading videos? If yes then this post will certainly be helpful for you. In this post, I will tell you about a website like pdisk which pays you for uploading and sharing your videos. You can easily earn money online from Doodstream. Earn about $100 or more each month from Doodstream.

doodstream earn money online
doodstream earn money online

What is Doodstream?

Doodstream is a pdisk alternative website. Doodstream is an online video streaming or hosting website with unlimited storage just as pdisk where you can earn money by uploading videos and sharing those videos on our Telegram Channel or group on any other social media platform.

what is doodstream
what is doodstream

Doodstream offers a variety of features, however, all the major Doodstream features will be discussed further in this post, so you are requested to read the entire post because by doing so you are not wasting time but investing it. 

What are Doodstream Features which makes it different from PDisk?

Doodstream supports several features which are not supported in PDisk. The main feature that most of the Doodstream users like the most about it are that it offers very High CPM, therefore, makes easy to earn money. But many other features make it favourable to use over PDisk.

make money from doodstream
make money from doodstream

  • Doodstream Minimum payout amount is just $10.
  • Doodstream Video Views are counted up to 3 within 24 hours per user/IP.
  • For both normal and embedded videos you earn 100%, there is no limitation
  • The maximum upload size for video is 5GB for free Doodstream users & 20GB for premium Doodstream users.

  • DoodStream - Upload videos share & make money
  • Payout requests will be usually processed in less than 24hrs, maximum it can take up to 1 week.

But apart from these features, there are also some of the drawbacks of Doodstream which are mentioned in detail below.

pdisk alternative
pdisk alternative

  • Video must be longer than 1 min
  • There are no rewards or earnings for automated downloads.
  • For free Doodstream users inactive files will be discarded or deleted after 2 months & for premium Doodstream users video files will never be deleted.

How can you earn money by Doodstream?

Earning Money by Doodstream is very simple as just mentioned above. You can earn money from doodstream by uploading a video of more than 1 minute and sharing it on your telegram channel.

Note that if you have fewer members on your telegram channel then doodstream maybe not be the correct platform for you but you can easily increase your telegram channel members by reading this post.

DoodStream - Upload videos share & make money

Once you have enough members who will open your doodstream video then you are ready to earn money from doodstream. This is because doodstream will pay you whenever your telegram member or subscribers open and watch your uploaded video. This will help you to generate your passive income. 

Is Doodstream legit?

Is doodstream legit or not? Now this question may be concerning you, this is normal because doodstream is a new website and pdisk alternative which makes one question to oneself that if the website he is working on is legit and will it give the payment or not. 

is doodstream legit
is doodstream legit

Don't worry I will answer all your questions regarding doodstream is legit or not. According to the doodstream users, it has been marked as a legit website that helps you to earn by uploading videos. There are many fraudulent websites just designed to mint money from their innocent users but doodstream which is a pdisk like a website or pdisk alternative website is legit and you can go ahead using it and many users are already using it Doodstream to Earn Money Online Without Investing. 

Doodstream better or PDisk

It is not easy to answer that is Doodstream better to earn money than Pdisk because both the websites are the best to earn money by uploading videos. Moreover, there are a few drawbacks to using both such as if one uses PDisk to earn money then he gets very low CPM whereas in Doodstream is no such issue. On the other hand Doodstream limits, some features for free users such as videos will be deleted if not used for long but in the case of someone who has purchased a premium subscription of Doodstream then for then, the file remains forever. There are no such limitations in the case of pdisk.

Therefore it is your recommendation or preference to use pdisk or doodstream to earn money by uploading the videos in 2022.

DoodStream - Upload videos share & make money

How to create Doodstream Account?

To create Doodstream Account you just need to follow a few simple steps then you will be ready to earn money from Doodstream.

Follow the steps below to open Doodstream Account 

  • Visit this link
  • Click on the menu on the right side of the webpage, you will see the signup button there.
doodstream signup and earn money
doodstream signup and earn money
  • Just fill the signup form and do the simple email verification and your doodstream account is ready to earn money for you.


Doodstream can be proved to be the best website just as per pdisk if you want to make money online just by uploading and sharing videos. However, one thing which should not be forgotten before earning money from doodstream is that you must have a good audience based on any social media platform such as Telegram. I would recommend you to first increase your telegram channel members by reading this post and then earn money from telegram and doodstream together.

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