How to Start a Gaming YouTube Channel in 2021 | Tips and Tricks

Hello, guys; today, I will be going to make you understand that how we can start-up with a gaming channel on YouTube.
Hello, guys; today, I will be going to make you understand that how we can start-up with a gaming channel on YouTube as YouTube is a vast platform for a different type of content like educational, motivational entertainment, vlogging, comedy, vines, unboxing, science experiments and many others which also include Gaming. Also, seeing the craze of youngsters in electronic games is good. Also, they can use their gaming skill or talent by teaching Gaming to others; as I already told you that how can we have a carrier in Gaming in this article or entertaining others by streaming different games. So if you wish to start a gaming channel on YouTube, then read this entire article. Let's start...

How to Start a Gaming YouTube Channel in 2021
How to Start a Gaming YouTube Channel in 2021

Choosing a unique but proper name for your YouTube channel

Firstly after making a channel on YouTube, you have to name something different something unique from other gaming creators to rank your YouTube channel in a search list; you don't have to put your name or name containing particular font or characters; because of this, you may lose your ranking in search result if you have a problem in finding a name for your gaming YouTube channel then you can visit google and search for unique names and check if there is another channel with that name on YouTube or not there are different website which helps in searching for this.
An example of such a sites is
So this will help you in taking out the best gaming name for your YouTube channel. And if you don't like titles available on the above sites, you can also search for a gaming channel names generator and checker. I hope this is clear to To you; now, let's move to another step.

Creating a best quality YouTube banner and channel logo

Now we should talk about the second step for your gaming channel; a best quality channel logo and banner are the essential elements to attract viewers towards your channel; as much the logo and banner will be inviting, loving, and glamorous, more and more the engagement of your channel will increase and due to which SEO algorithm of YouTube will suggest your channel to those who love to watch the game. This is the significant role of a YouTube banner and logo; if the logo is not that much good, then the audience may ignore your channel and move to other channels that have better channel logos and than you.

What to do after making the channel logo and banner?

Let us move to the next step that is of making an intro and an outro for your videos as it helps to gain watch time; creating ten seconds intro and outro will increase your video length and directly watch time of your channel if you have a problem in making intros, outros, logo, banner or even thumbnail which I'll discuss in next step then you can take help from other professionals in doing this work if you afford to pay for this work than you can visit this gig on fiverr and order for your logo, thumbnail, intro, etc. and can pay for that. So now use than intro in starting your video by showing some look of 5 seconds of your video to make suspense in the viewers' minds and use outro at the end of your video.

Making an attractive thumbnail for your gaming YouTube videos

So now, when you are done with channel name, logo, banner, intro, and outro, then its time to upload a video, and main point is to make the thumbnail catchy and attractive as the thumbnail only gives your video first impression if your thumbnail is not having a good look than nobody will go to click on your video. Then all the tough grind you did till here will of no use, so instead of making ordinary and straightforward thumbnail like this.

Please make it attractive that people may click by looking at it. You can see this.

If you catch up with this all, then we shall move to the most crucial step.

Be very consistent in uploading the videos on your YouTube channel

If you read and followed all the above steps, then giving attention to this step this step will help you gain more impressions on your videos. You have to upload your gameplays regularly or at regular intervals of time either start uploading videos every day or with intervals of one or two days but must upload at least five videos in a week. This helps you grow faster as YouTube will give attention to your channel as the creator is consistent and thus will suggest your videos to those interested in games. If your thumbnail is catchy, then 100% he will click on your video, and if the inner content is also good, congrats, you got a new subscriber. So be consistent and start uploading your videos or gameplays regularly.

What topic to make videos on?

As a gaming content creator, you can make videos or gameplays on the latest trending games like that that will be searched more. There will be more chance of appearing in your videos in that search result. Also, don't start making your first video greater than eight minutes if not making gameplays on trending games as the viewers may get bored if they left your video, your channel retention might help get down. So make gameplays on some unique or trending
topics of not more than eight minutes in starting of a new channel.

Finally, we have moved to the last step, so let's quickly grab this.

Avoiding haters and stupid or unreasonable comments

Now when you have a growing YouTube channel, then its necessary to get interacted with your audience, reply to all lovely comments but also don't give single attention to senseless and dumb comments; ignore them and stay connected to your real subscribers as many of the haters come to demotivate people as they don't have any other work to do but one work that is to be jealous with others achievement.


So following these all will surely help grow as a gaming content creator, but the primary key is only the Uniqueness of the content you make or on trending topics and consistent uploading of videos on your channel.
If you have any doubt from reading this article, then comment down and read more articles related to Gaming, technology, programming, then check this out.

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