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Make Money with Blogging 2022 or Make Money with a Free Blog. make money from your free blog. How to create a blog for free? start earning money fast

Make Money with Blogging 2022: Everything you need to know

Make Money with Blogging 2022 or Make Money with a Free Blog. Have you ever thought that you can Earn Money Without Any Investment? If you believe that you cannot Make Money Without Investments then today I will break your this misconception that some investment is required to Make Money Online. There are various ways to Make Money Online for example starting a YouTube Channel, but today specifically I will tell you a fast and more efficient Way to Make it Online. Today I will talk about a most commonly known but often wrongly tried method to Make Money Online, yes I am talking about Blogging.

how to make money with a free blog
how to make money with a free blog

What is Blogging?

Blogging is publishing content online many be on a blog or a website in return of money or any other financial gain. Blogging is often confused by Vlogging. Let me make you clear about the Difference between Blogging and Vlogging. Blogging as I mentioned earlier that Blogging means uploading your posts or content on the internet to make it available to the wide audience on the internet through a website or a blog. On the other hand Vlogging is a term often used by YouTubers. Vlogging means to upload videos or sharing your experience about anything you tried. For example there are different kinds of vlogs like travel vlogs, food vlogs, family vlogs and so on.
The similarity between Blogging and Vlogging is that both gives the creator financial gain that is blogger as well as vlogger both earns money by uploading either content on blog or YouTube. Even Bloggers earn a handsome money daily and some manage to make above $500 per month.
After reading this post you will also be able to make money online by blogging absolutely free that is without any investments or Make Money with a Free Blog, so continue reading as this post will help you earn your passive income which will be on autopilot mode even when you are sleeping.

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How to make money by blogging 2022?

Make money by blogging 2022. There are numerous ways which will assist you to make money online with zero investments with a blog. Even you do not need to buy any Domain Name and Hosting for your Blog or Website as I will explain you to Make Money Online by Free Blog. If you have a blog then you are perfectly ready to make $100 a day however if you don't have a blog don't worry I will explain you that How to create a blog for free and start earning money fast by blogging?
Talking about How to make money by blogging 2022, as I already mentioned that there are several ways to Make Money Online by Blogging. Some of the Ways to Make Money Online by Blogging are

Advertising Networks or Ad Networks

While surfing on internet, you might have seen different kind of ads running of websites you visits like some are video ads and some are display ads. Blog owners on whose websites these ads are running they are paid in return to showcase these ads to the visitors of their sites, here in this case you are a visitor and  whenever you sees a ad or click a ad you are paying to both as network as well as the blog owners. Ad networks cuts some percentage of revenue and give the rest to the Blog owners. This is the first way the bloggers earn money online without investments.

Sponsored posts

You might be confused about What is Sponsored post and How do Bloggers earn Money by Sponsored Posts? Some of you might have heard this term Sponsored post for the first time. But don't worry I am here to tell you every secret of blogging and How do Bloggers MAKE $1000 a Month. When you are ready with a blog and have a good traffic, then you can either approach to the small website owners or they themselves will approach you to publish their content on your website. This benefits both the Bloggers that is small blogger and you. You obviously will not allow anyone to publish their content on your blog without any profit, therefore you can demand for money to publish small bloggers' content on your blog. In return that blogger will get high quality of backlinks from your blog and finally the traffic. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also a great tool for bloggers to Make Money Fast Without Any Investments. Even many bloggers just post affiliate links and do not post the authentic content still they are earning a lot only through affiliate marketing.  What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing is to promote various physical like a laptop as well as digital products like a web hosting in return on money. In this way the companies gains customers and you gains some money in return to promote their product.
Bloggers make affiliate marketing blog for free where visitors whenever purchases products from their links the a commission amount is added to the blogger's account.

Is blogging still profitable in 2022?

Is blogging still profitable in 2022 or Are bloggers still earning through blogging in 2022 are the major question now. Let me answer the question that Is blogging still profitable in 2022? Blogging currently has a great potential as each brand or companies have their own blog and they are minting lot of no et not only by their services but also by their blogs. Not only brands but small publishers or bloggers are also earning a good amount from blogging.  And it do not looks that the trend of blogging will be declining in the future. According to a report there is an increment of bloggers by 40% in fast 2 years. This clearly indicates that in future blogging is going to a boom business and Many people will do blogging as a full time job. Therefore it will not be irrelevant to say that blogging is still a profitable business and has a great potential irrespective If the time it takes to earn money.

How many views do you need on a blog to make money in 2022?

In order to make money from your free blog you obviously will need some amount of traffic.  Many people do not start blogging just because they thinks that once needs to have a lot of traffic on their blog to start making money and many bloggers leaves blogging just because they do not gets much traffic on their blog either daily or monthly. Let me clear your this misconception too. To start Making Money from blogging you need not to have great traffic, just 80-100 visitors per day will be enough to start making money online fast by blogging. Now you might not believe me but you have to because there are many ad networks in market or on the web where you can get instant approval and start showing their ads on your website and start earning earning money. We will take about Beat Ad Networks for Small Publishers in some other Post. Another way to make income by blogging at less traffic is Affiliate marketing. As I already explained you about affiliate marketing, so you should also know that affiliate marketing also do not requires much traffic to generate income for you.
In Affiliate Marketing you just need some want to buy unique visitors that will definitely make you some money to invest in blogging later.

How to make $1000 a month blogging?

Make $1000 per month by free blogging. I will not lie to you just to get some post views and retention. To make $1000 a month you need high quality of unique traffic and you also need to invest something to start earning $1000 per month. Therefore is is best to start free blog with a free blog. I assure you have if you did the blogging properly that is good keyword research and create high quality of backlinks you definitely be making $500 per month by blogging. But blogging requires hard work and dedication to your work.

How to create a blog for free and start earning money fast by blogging?

There are various methods to create a blog for free and start earning money fast by blogging. Some requires investments which obviously will be better than free one like buying a domain name and hosting either from Hostinger or any other hosting provider. But there are always a free alternative for the paid one. You can make a free blog to start earning money on Blogger. Blogger is a tool or platform given by Google to the publishers to publish heir content and help the Google users to get the relevant answers to their questions.

To make a free blog on Blogger follow the steps below

  1. Create a account on
  2. Now choose a name for your blog.
  3. In the next step choose a domain name for your website or blog. Note that your domain will be followed by because it is a free service. However you can change it to custom domain anytime you want buy buying a domain.
  4. Now click next.
  5. Your blog is ready, now apply a good theme to you blog and make it user and mobile friendly.

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Making Money by Blogging is not easy, but if some properly with full devotion to blogging you can reach the milestone of earning $1000 per month. In this post I answered all the prominent questions regarding blogger that is What is Blogging? How to make money by blogging 2022? Is blogging still profitable in 2022? How many views do you need on a blog to make money in 2022? followed by How to create a blog for free and start earning money fast by blogging? If you have any doubts related to blogging or need any theme then you can comment down. 

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